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Teckwin - 8/13/2008

The First Teckwin TeckStorm Arrives In Australia

The Teckwin TeckStorm, the machine that has caused a wave of excitement throughout the European and 
American markets, has recently arrived in Australia destined for BearPrint Screenprinting / Signature Signs in 
Fairfield, Sydney’ West. 

During recent Trade Shows in the USA (ISA) and Europe (DRUPA) the Teckwin TeckStorm has been highly 
regarded by industry professionals as the UV Printer of choice due to its build quality, astounding print resolution 
and a print speed that completes the best price to performance ratio in its class.

"By far the best print quality of all UV-printers here at the show and with a very attractive price/performance ratio" 
was a comment heard often throughout ISA and DRUPA. 

The TeckStorm is manufactured in Shanghai, by Shanghai Teckwin development Co. It is a true flatbed printer 
offering an 8 section vauum bed enabling excellent media stability, precise registration and edge to edge printing 
on all sides. The sub surface registration pins result in fast accurate alignment of sheet material. Maximum print 
area is 2440 x 1220 allowing standard sheet sizes up to 50mm thick to be easily accommodated. 

The high resolution Xaar XJ760 6 Level Variable Dot print heads utilised by the TeckStorm produce astounding 
print quality - even 6 point type is clear and legible! Offering print resolutions up to 1440 dpi, TeckStorm sets the 
benchmark for Grand Format print quality. It’s no slow coach either - with speeds up to 24m2 / hour attainable 
for high quality, usable prints! 

For ultimate versatility, the TeckStorm boasts 2 dedicated print heads for the white ink channel which is supplied 
as standard. White can either be printed as an underlay color, overlay or as a spot resulting in a massive variety 
of application and uses. 

To ensure that the ink supply system is maintained at all times, the main tanks are automatically agitated to 
prevent settling or separating of the ink pigments and the white ink is constantly cycled through the supply 
system. The ink degassing system automatically removed micro air bubbles from the ink system reducing 
nozzle outage and increase drop placement accuracy. A liquid heating system warms the print heads quickly 
and efficiently, to ensure that the complete system is running at its optimum temperature. This results in a fast 
warm-up period allowing more time for production. 

The TeckStorm has two UV lamps on each side of the print head to facilitate bi-directional printing. Major 
advances in dot placement and overlay technology has a seen a marked improvement in “UV banding” which 
is typical seen clearly when UV prints are looked at from different angles. Utilising the power of software, 
Teckwin have implemented new technologies to virtually eliminate UV banding. The UV lamps shutter system 
reduces the media to heat and UV lamp exposure resulting in a wider variety of materials to be printed as they 
are not overheated which can cause warping. 

Safety is of prime concern to Teckwin which is why all their printers are CE certified. The TeckStorm Safety 
Cover is designed to keep in the UV rays, rather than have them open and exposed. Extraction fan and vents 
to remove the Ozone generated are standard and can be easily connected to a fume extraction unit.

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