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Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. - 8/5/2008

Act II from Aurora - Recycled and Recyclable

Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. is pleased to introduce the first style in the new Weaves Of Green fabric 
collection.  Weaves Of Green fabrics are woven by Southern Industrial Fabrics, Inc. and are finished and 
sold to the graphics market exclusively by Aurora.  These fabrics are composed of 100% post-consumer 
recycled polyester.  The fiber source is recycled plastic drink bottles.  Unlike other “recycled” polyester fabrics 
on the market Weaves Of Green fabrics are 100% post-consumer content so using these fabrics has a real, 
positive impact on the waste stream and our environment.

The Act II style is a plain weave, 7.5 oz fabric with a canvas-like texture.  It’s been scoured and heat set for 
dye sublimation printing but may also be used with direct, UV cure digital printing.  It’s available in 60" and 120" 
widths.  New, lighter weight styles in this line will be coming soon.  Aurora has also launched the “FabRecycle” 
polyester fabric recycling program through which we’re taking back printed and scrap polyester fabrics from our 
customers.  The fabric is accumulated, baled and ultimately recycled into products like carpet padding and 

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