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Coveris Advanced Coatings - 7/29/2008

InteliCoat Technologies Initiates Pre-Registration Process for EU REACH Regulation

South Hadley, MA, July 29, 2008 - InteliCoat Technologies, a world leader in the manufacture of coated paper, 
film, and specialty substrates for digital imaging technologies, is proud to announce that it is initiating the process 
of pre-registration for REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), a new 
European Community regulation on chemicals and their safe use. InteliCoat is a solid partner with the global 
business community and is dedicated to conducting business with maximum sensitivity to environmental 
compliance. InteliCoat recognizes its responsibility to provide the safety information required for the products 
they manufacture to their business partners, their customers, and to the entire digital community.         

REACH was designed to improve the protection of human health and to avoid the risks that can be posed by 
chemicals being released into the environment. InteliCoat understands the environmental risks involved and is
prepared to meet the requirements to identify and register with the ECHA (The European Chemicals Agency in 
Helsinki), which will act as the central point in the REACH system. InteliCoat is currently compiling all of the 
information for the substances in base materials and packaging from our suppliers as well as for the substances 
used in the preparation of the “articles” or materials we manufacture for the digital market. (An “article” is the legal 
term under REACH for any object that has been given a specific shape, surface or design so that it can be 
used for a specific purpose, e.g. manufactured goods such as cars, textiles, electronic chips.) 

"InteliCoat is investing in the REACH pre-qualification process to ensure that our products remain compliant and 
that our customers will not have a disruption in the supply of material into the EU," said Nancy Plante, Marketing 
Product Specialist, InteliCoat Technologies.  "We are pro-actively working to meet regulations in the rapidly 
changing international market. InteliCoat is already ISO 14001:2004 certified. This internationally recognized 
environmental management system standard verifies that InteliCoat’s practices and policies are effective in 
reducing harmful effects to the environment. We remain committed to continual improvement of customer 
satisfaction by meeting the requirements set forth by our international partners. InteliCoat’s commitment to the 
environment allows us to produce digital imaging media that has been made responsibly and meets environmental 

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