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EFI - 7/30/2008

EFI MIS Systems Achieve Industry First "Lights Out" Prepress Integration with KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System

Connect - Las Vegas - July 30, 2008 - EFI (Nasdaq: EFII), the world leader in customer-focused digital printing 
innovation, today announced that EFI Prepress Integration will soon be commercially available, commencing 
with integration between EFI Prograph and the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System. This integration is on 
display at Connect 2008, one of the printing industry's largest user conferences, taking place through August 
1st at the Wynn in Las Vegas. 

"EFI continues to strengthen its portfolio of workflow products both organically and through alliances with 
important industry leaders such as KODAK," said Jeff Palser, EFI Prograph product manager. "In the highly 
competitive and fast-paced world of commercial and high-volume printing, the more automated and streamlined 
the workflow and the faster the time to market, the more profit a printer sees in the bottom line. Integration 
between EFI Prograph and KODAK PRINERGY System represents an industry first and is only the first iteration 
of the JDF-compliant EFI Prepress Integration Suite. We will continue to add components over time to extend 
compatibility with a wide range of products and solutions." 

One of the most powerful results of this innovative offering is the ability to support true "just in time" plating. 
Prograph begins the process by receiving content links and images from KODAK PRINERGY System and 
KODAK INSITE Unified Workflow System. The content is automatically linked to pages in the Prograph 
Planner, where the user can view spreads and imposed layouts on-screen. The Planner provides a workflow 
system with a detailed layout showing content page positions and all process marks - including folding, color 
bars, punch, and side guides - necessary for automated plate creation. This automated process creates a 
comprehensive set of manufacturing instructions for all steps of the production process, including reconciled 
distribution planning and detailed instructions for page-level version assignments. Additionally, when the client 
makes changes requiring a new page count, a different press, new paper sizes or new positions, the Planner 
will automatically rebuild the plate file(s) without user intervention. 

One of the most revolutionary elements of this solution is the elimination of the requirement to build fixed 
imposition templates based on the press and dimensions of the imposition. In Prograph, impositions dynamically 
scale to the size of the product being produced and the press being used. Changes are implemented instantly 
and the time required for imposition maintenance is dramatically reduced. 

"Prograph connectivity is a new complement to our PRINERGY Workflow System that delivers increased 
automation," said Jon Bracken, vice president of marketing, Enterprise Solutions, for Kodak's Graphic 
Communications Group. "We are pleased to collaborate with EFI in adding this extra element of workflow 
efficiency for our customers." 

EFI Prograph is a comprehensive planning solution for high-volume and large commercial operations. This 
globally optimized Print MIS solution compares the necessary manufacturing processes with companies' internal 
equipment and resources to determine discrepancies. Prograph enables more informed decision making and 
facilitates contingency planning. Starting in Q3, Prograph will integrate seamlessly with the KODAK PRINERGY 
Workflow System, making it an ideal planning solution for the large installed base of KODAK PRINERGY 

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