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MACtac - 6/19/2008

CBS Outdoor Approves MACtac for Transit Applications

Stow, Ohio - June 19, 2008 - MACtac is sending messages to the masses through a recent product specification 
with major media outlet, CBS Outdoor. CBS has approved MACtac Graphic Products’ IMAGin digiTrans, a 
bright, white digital vinyl developed specifically for transit applications, as a choice for its city transit graphics.

With the approval, MACtac’s IMAGin digiTrans can be used by any printer conducting business with CBS to 
create graphics for city buses, trains, subways and other forms of transit advertising.

"The market for transit advertising is dynamic and vinyl graphic applications are a trusted, reliable form of transit 
media," said Mary Ann Kucera, MACtac Graphic Products. "For such large scale advertising and promotional 
campaigns, it is critical that the vinyl applied will bond quickly to the vehicle, stay in place for its intended 
length of time, and remove easily when it is necessary to remove and replace the graphic."

Given that transit applications are generally short-term, the stand-out benefit to the adhesive component of 
IMAGin digiTrans is the ideal combination between a strong bond and the ease of removal required to service 
the transit graphics industry. Specially-engineered with excellent adhesion properties, the product’s opaque, 
semi-permanent adhesive is comprised of properties to offer both immediate bonding, ease of removability and 
a uniform appearance.

"The range of tolerance for adhesive performance in transit applications is very precise, which is why the precise 
adhesive formulation is so important for this type of application - especially with the challenging environment 
faced by city transit," Kucera said. "IMAGin digiTrans’ approval by CBS marks another step in MACtac’s 
development and delivery of high quality products for tough end-use applications."

IMAGin digiTrans boasts a jet black adhesive for desired opacity, as well as a product signature for identification 
purposes as MACtac is the only supplier to offer a black transit graphic adhesive. IMAGin digiTrans features a 
4.0-mil bright, white face and gloss finish delivering superior printability and color fidelity for exceptional image 
definition and clarity. It is available on a 74# kraft liner and offers an outdoor durability of up to 2 years.

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