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GCC America Incorporated - 6/13/2008

GCC Appointed H&H as Distributor of StellarJET 250UV

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual-tech industry, supplying a broad range 
of hi-tech and high-performance laser engraving / cutting / marking systems, cutting plotters and UV inkjet 
printers to the global market, is pleased to appoint H&H Digital Products of Elk Grove, Illinois, as an authorized 
distributor for GCC’s advanced StellarJET 250UV curable inkjet printers to serve the United States Midwest.  

"H&H Digital Products has abundant experience in digital printing, specialized in large format digital imaging and 
color solutions. By teaming up with H&H, we can effectively boost product recognition and increase product 
exposure to the Midwest market, as well as to deliver the best service and price to customers. We’ll provide 
H&H with all-out support to become successful in promoting GCC’s products," said Jeff Lee, V.P. of Sales & 
Marketing Dept. in GCC America.
According to H&H Digital products’ President, Klaus Hindrich, "The GCC StellarJET is the ideal UV flatbed 
printer. It can print up to 14 4’x8’ sheets of flat media per hour (451.4 ft²/per hour), run roll to roll cloth or vinyl 
banners at over 400 square feet per hour and all at super high quality.  It allows any shop to compete with 
quality and output with any UV flatbed printer on the market. And best of all, the price is reasonable and 

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