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Contex Scanning Technology - 6/1/2008

Contex and VIDAR Launch HD Series Scanners

Contex has announced its next generation of professional wide format scanners. With its technological and 
stylistic enhancements, the product suite boasts even greater image quality and flexibility - and promises an 
excellent return on investment for full-service copyshops and reprographic companies.

More than just a face lift, the scanners’ new black-and-silver casing slots seamlessly into any modern business 
environment. Easily integrated with most wide format printers, the scanners enable users to create visually
unified, multi-function copying and printing solutions. 

The launch of the Contex HD Series marks the next generation of award-winning products for Contex customers. 
Contex’s CCD-based scanners are renowned for bringing unmatched speed, image quality and data accuracy 
to any scanning task - no matter how sensitive or specialized. Now, the HD Series offers even more. 

Contex has upgraded the optical resolution from 508 dpi to 600 dpi. "600 dpi is the highest true optical 
resolution specification in the large format scanning industry today," says Niels Appel, Executive VP, Sales 
and Marketing for Contex operations. "Optical resolution is a key indicator of image quality - and we are very 
pleased to offer our customers this industry-leading capability."

The HD Series also includes the Hi-Speed USB interface with Contex’s own extended data transfer rate, 
known as xDTR. xDTR speeds up data transfer from the scanner to the PC, making extra wide and high 
resolution scanning a breeze. "Our aim is to balance quality and speed. This upgrade enables our customers 
to reduce the time they spend on daily scanning tasks by up to 50% - while maintaining excellent image quality," 
says Appel.

To help customers navigate Contex’s wide product range with ease, Contex has made its product names 
more intuitive. The HD (for high definition) is followed by four digits: the first two show the scanner’s width, 
the last two its speed.

Contex HD Series scanners at a glance:
· True 600 dpi optical resolution for outstanding image quality
· Faster Hi-Speed USB xDTR for high productivity gains on daily scanning tasks 
· Advanced 48-bit CCD technology with on-board image processing for fast, picture-perfect results
· Up to 12 ips monochrome scanning and 3 ips color scanning (the fastest in the industry) 
· Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) for safe scanning of all document types

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