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GBC - 6/2/2008

GBC Sets Guinness World Record with GBC 8500HS Cyclone Laminator at drupa

GBC Commercial Laminating Solutions Group, part of ACCO Brands Corporation and world market leader in print 
finishing equipment and consumables, successfully achieved a new Guinness World Record at drupa 2008 by 
setting the fastest time for laminating 102,2 square metres of paper,- size 70 x 100 cm in just 40,53 seconds. 
The new GBC 8500HS Cyclone laminating system and GBC High Bonding Strength (HBS) film - both debuted 
at drupa - were put to the test in this first-ever laminating challenge. The well-attended event took place on 
June 2nd at GBC's stand D05 in Hall 11. Gareth Deaves, an adjudicator from the Guinness Book of World 
Records, confirmed the time of the lamination run and presented an award to the jubilant GBC team. 

This extraordinary technical endeavour began with the “go” signal when the first sheet entered the laminator. 
Only the portion of the paper surface actually covered by the laminating film was measured. The clock was 
stopped when the last sheet to complete the 100 square meters exited the laminator. Witnesses and the 
adjudicator from the Guinness Book of World Records verified that the sheets were properly laminated, 
without creases or air pockets, and that the total laminated surface was at least 100 square metres. 

Ron Butterman, GBC Director of Marketing, comments: "We are extremely proud of Mark Elman, Glenn Koepke, 
Tony Mertlik and all the talented engineers on the team for their efforts to develop this world-class laminator. 
Thanks to their skills, we have attained this new Guinness Book of Records milestone - and also provided a 
convincing demonstration of how printers can finish their own output in record time."

The GBC 8500HS Cyclone is a commercial laminator designed for single-sided lamination of high-volume 
print runs. Running at speeds up to 150 m (500 ft) per minute, this system can cut production time by one-half 
or more without sacrificing accuracy, control, and quality. Its generous 112 cm (44 in) width offers versatility 
and also lets users run prints landscape-wise, further increasing productivity.

A high-precision MABEG feeder, known worldwide for its powerful and reliable accuracy, controls the feeding 
and transport of printed sheets. A unique suction cup configuration allows the MABEG to consistently feed 
up to 18,000 sheets per hour.

Built for speed
The key to the GBC 8500HS Cyclone’s high-speed, high-quality output is innovative new technology that 
improves adhesion at ultra-high speeds, and then separates each sheet accurately without tearing or slowing 
the process.

With precise controls and strong adhesion at extremely high speeds, the GBC 8500HS Cyclone also delivers 
maximum efficiency. Operator friendly, it is easy to quickly configure job settings from feeding through stacking, 
including paper movement, sheet overlap, speed, film tension and separation. Job parameters can also be 
retained in memory for recurring jobs. A touch-screen control monitor reports productivity by shift, day and job, 
including film used and time remaining on the job.

Consistent adhesion
During the Guinness World Record event, the GBC 8500HS Cyclone impressed the visitors with its innovative 
new technology that ensures consistent adhesion when running at ultra-high speeds. An efficient closed-loop 
water heating system enables the laminator to maintain a stable operating temperature, even on long runs. After 
leaving the laminator, an electronically controlled, motorized decurling bar removes excess curl in the laminated 
sheets for consistently flat output.

At the system’s separator, a track-mounted snapping assembly remains stationary while running and maintaining 
its grip over the entire sheet. The result is clean, accurate separation and optimal reliability. 

Laminated sheets produced on the 8500HS Cyclone during the world record attempt were distributed to the 
visitors during the world record attempt.

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