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Mimaki - 6/1/2008

Mimaki Introduces New High Solvent Ink: Eco-HS1 ink

Mimaki Engineering co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the 
sign/graphics, industrial markets and textile/apparel, is pleased to announce its new generation of HS ink. This 
new ink has a lower odor and prevents media shrinkage due to solvent migration, and has enhanced color 
reproduction by using a new light black ink.
There are two types of solvent ink on the market: one is high or aggressive solvent ink which features fast-drying 
and strong ink bonding on the media. The other is a medium durability, environmentally friendly light or eco-
solvent ink which does not include toxic substances like Cyclohexanone. Mimaki’s JV5 series can use both 
the high (aggressive) solvent ink: HS1 and the eco-solvent ink: ES3. The reason is to meet the various 
requirements in outdoor signage, as well as indoor uses such as aqueous-based dye sublimation and pigment 
ink for photographic applications. To make the most of ultra-high speed printing of the JV5 series, HS ink is 
the most suitable due to its faster drying time, which is much faster than eco-solvents.
The newly developed Eco-HS1 ink has no toxic ingredients such as Cyclohexanone and NMP, which vastly 
improves the work environment and health conditions. Also the inks will dramatically reduce odor to the same 
level of SS21 ink which is used for JV33 series. Innovations like expanded color gamut, improved Magenta, a 
newly added light black ink, provides a smoother gradation and a more glossy finish. In addition to these 
attributes, shrinkage of media (especially thin self-adhesive PVC) is prevented. Eco-HS1 ink is suitable for fleet 
graphics using thin self-adhesive PVC where prints are exposed to intensive mechanical stress or abrasion. 
Improvement in the permeability of the ink on the media due to residual solvents helps shorten job turnaround 
time from printing to the next job. UV and water resistance is further enhanced by an improved Yellow ink.

"Our new high solvent has both the feathers of a high solvent and eco-solvent ink which dramatically reduces 
odor, toxins, and media shrinkage. Now customers are not forced to choose unacceptable alternatives. Users 
now don’t have to sacrifice print speed and durability due to environmental restrictions. Eco-HS1 ink represents 
new generation environmentally-friendly high solvent ink," says Mr. Isao Tabayashi, Manager of IM (Ink and 
Media) Division.

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