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Mark Bric Display Corp. - 5/15/2008

Mark Bric Introduces All New Mark Bric EGO Exhibit

Mark Bric Display Corporation (Mark Bric) announces a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind product in its brand-new 
Mark Bric EGO exhibit product line.

Unveiled in March 2008 at the Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the EGO Exhibit system encompasses an 
amazing array of displays that snap together without tools to create large-scale exhibits with no visible means of 
support. The easy-to-assemble EGO framework is hidden entirely behind the scenes to let the graphics get the 
full focus of attention.

The signature ‘language’ of EGO is comprised of gently curved surfaces that form free-standing towers of all 
shapes and sizes, up to 18 feet tall. Display walls can connect to the towers to form complete large-scale 
systems compatible with all exhibition spaces. Even weight-bearing stages can be built with EGO. Everything 
snaps together with a simple junction, rod and wing assembly. Graphic panels are attached to the exterior via 
a custom-made magnetic tape to create a nearly seamless shell around the support assembly. Accessories 
such as exterior shelving, product showcases, and LCD mounts add tremendous extra value to the EGO display.

EGO is often sold as a complete display kit, but it is also available in component form for the do-it-yourself display 
designer/builder. Visit the EGO Exhibit web site at for more details and images.

"We believe the EGO Exhibit system is going to set a new bar in the industry," explains Larry Ragland, president 
of Mark Bric Display Corporation. "It should prove to be a fantastic new tool for the presentation of large scale, 
high quality wide-format graphics."

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