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MACtac - 5/13/2008

MACtac Introduces New Permacolor Matte RAYZor Overlaminating Film

Making a strong statement about consumer trends in vehicle appearance, the recent 2008 North American 
International Auto Show was abound with concept and road-ready vehicles sporting the hottest new paint 
trend - a smooth, low-gloss finish. But, why stop at paint? Vehicle wrap professionals can now achieve the 
same zero-glare effect with Permacolor® Matte RAYZor - Overlaminating Film (LF3630) from MACtac® Graphic 

Originally developed for demanding military applications, Permacolor Matte RAYZor is a 1.5-mil matte cast 
laminate designed for application to complex curves and corrugations. Driven by consumer trends currently 
transitioning to the vehicle wrap market, the matte paint-like finish offered with this product allows wide-format 
digital printers and installers to capitalize on this movement by differentiating and expanding other products 
and finishing possibilities.

"The new zero-glare matte laminate gives designers endless creative options, allowing them to differentiate 
from traditional vehicle, marine and fleet wraps with a true matte finish that makes graphics stand out," said 
Mary Ann Kucera, MACtac Graphic Products. “That finish also returns functionality to advertising execution 
since this product is much easier to view from different outdoor angles. Installers will not only benefit from its 
excellent performance, but because Permacolor Matte RAYZor is an industry-leading thin overlaminate with 
superior conformability that makes application easier, they will also enjoy faster application, improved 
productivity and greater confidence in their work."

Permacolor Matte RAYZor offers a smooth, uniform finish that reduces friction during installation, making it 
easier to apply than gloss overlaminates. The thin, 1.5-mil laminate also simplifies installation on flat, curved, 
corrugated or riveted surfaces. The new product is a line extension of MACtac’s highly successful Permacolor 
RAYZor family, alongside Permacolor RAZYor (LF3640), which is the highest gloss cast laminate in the graphics 

For ease of use and durability (five years outdoors), Permacolor Matte RAYZor features an exceptionally 
smooth polyester release liner that supports a permanent, clear acrylic adhesive with built-in UV protection, 
helping graphics resist wear and color fade.

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