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Avery Dennison Graphics Division North America - 5/13/2008

Nine New Metallic & Specialty Cast Films Featured in Avery Graphics 2008 Color Selector

May 13, 2008 - The Avery Dennison Graphics & Reflective Products Division released its 2008 Color Selector 
featuring four new specialty films (Hammered Gold Leaf, Shimmer, Silver Illusion and Silver Carbon Weave), 
XHA 7745 Foam Sign Tape, new tool kit and two new metallic vinyl colors today at the 2008 International Sign 
Expo (ISA) in Orlando, FL.  More than 460 colors are featured in a convenient easy-to-use and easy-to-see tool.  
Color options, durability and adhesive qualities of Avery Graphics seven product lines are detailed in the 2008 
Color Selector.  

The Color Selector is free and available for sign shops as they consider their color and vinyl needs.  Actual 
product samples of the A-Series, Metallic and Specialty Series products are highlighted so that sign shops can 
distinguish color selections, feel the quality of the vinyl and compare and contrast the durability and gloss level 
of each product.  The guide makes it easy to decide what product is best for each application and to show 
customers the color selection available.

New products featured in the 2008 Color Selector include:

Four new specialty films. Shimmer and Silver Illusion are extruded PVC films offering 2-year durability and a 
three-dimensional holographic look. Metal is a popular design trend and these films project a higher quality 
image when used in architectural, directional, outdoor, point of purchase and vehicle graphics applications. 
Hammered Gold Leaf is a new addition to the leaf specialty series and Silver Carbon Weave - an extruded PVC, 
metallized film with 3-year durability - provides class for any application. 

Two new metallic films - Sorcery, a sophisticated plum film, and Down to Earth, a mid-tone brown film with gold 
highlights, are 5- to 7-year durable cast films.  They are both high-gloss, premium quality films with vinyl to the 
edge and provide a high-end look to wayfinding and transportation applications such as vehicle applications.   

Mossy Oak Break-Up, Advantage Hardwoods, and Army Woodlands are now cast, camouflage printed films 
which are conformable, 5-year durable and have Avery Dennison’s patented Easy Apply RS technology making 
them perfect for vehicle and equipment applications XHATM  7745 Foam Sign Tape is a highly adhesive foam 
sign tape that provides clean fastening with a smooth look for multiple applications for sign makers and signage 
shops. It performs in an extreme range of temperatures, adheres to a broad range of surfaces from plastics to 
metals. It’s easy to use and there’s no need for drilling, screwing, gluing and refinishing during sign manufacturing. 

New Application Tools from Avery Graphics.  A new tool kit provides all the tools needed for best results in 
signage and vehicle graphic application. The tool kit includes a 100 percent felt squeegee, cutter, knife, super 
strong magnets and an Avery Graphics tool belt to hold them all. 

To request a free copy of the updated Color Selector for your shop, contact your Avery Graphics distributor or 
email the sample department at  To learn more about the products 
featured in the 2008 Color Selector, go to

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