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R Tape - 5/5/2008

R Tape Launches Free DVD Giveaway for Current and Aspiring Vehicle Wrappers

South Plainfield, NJ - May 5, 2008 - R Tape, a leading provider of film for the sign, screen print and digital 
printing industry, has announced a new DVD promotional giveaway that anyone in the vehicle wrap business, 
or those interested in getting into vehicle wrapping, should want to get their hands on. The "R Tape DVD 
Giveaway" provides a free copy of "Secrets of Successful Vehicle Wrappers" to those looking to boost their 
wrap offerings or learn more about the business. 

"The vehicle wrap business is growing day by day. All you have to do is look around you to see all the cars, 
trucks and buses that have been wrapped with some sort of promotion or advertising," said Dave Harris, 
director of sales for R Tape who heads up the company’s vehicle wrap market. "It’s a highly specialized field, 
but when done properly, it can be extremely rewarding and a little education can go a long way. This DVD was 
designed to give the latest information, so even old school wrappers can benefit from this new advice."

Vehicle wrapping is one of the hottest applications in the $6 billion outdoor advertising industry and now it’s 
rapidly moving into the consumer segment.

R Tape’s "Secrets of Successful Vehicle Wrappers" DVD features the newest techniques and demonstrations 
from industry professionals. It offers instruction on the vehicle wrap industry, giving advice on the latest advances, 
tips and tricks to doing high-quality wrap projects -- insight only a professional wrapper can give. 

The DVD features experts from Gatorwraps ( of Las Vegas, Nevada, who advise viewers 
on how to easily stretch a graphic or the preferred tools to work with. 

Viewers also learn how to create a wrap design that sets their customers’ businesses apart with, for example, 
exciting and eye-catching printable metalized finishes using R Tape’s Vinylefx, printable metalized vinyl that 
dramatically enhances design options and increases profits.

"I can sell more wraps just because of the way our wraps look on the street," said Mike Faulkner, director of 
operations at Gatorwraps. "People see the average wrap and they’re going to see the ones with Vinylefx on it 
and obviously they’re going to come to the ones that have the more eye-catching designs."

"Great graphics today are being inspired by NASCAR, OEM car manufacturers, the blending of music and 
artistic cultures and worldwide influences. Techno, metallic and industrial design elements are now mainstream. 
Products like Carbon fibre, brushed aluminum and metallic finishes are giving designers a whole new color palette," 
said Harris. "But all this creative work is still only as good as the application, and that’s how this DVD can help."

To get a free copy of the "Secrets of Successful Vehicle Wrappers" DVD, wrappers and aspiring wrappers 
interested in learning the latest secrets of successful wrapping should send a fax on their company’s letterhead 
with address information to: John Porpora - "R Tape DVD Giveaway"  Fax #908-753-5014

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