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Artgrafix - 4/29/2008

Artgrafix introduces the Ademco Phoenix Inkjet Laminator

Beacon Falls, CT, April 29, 2008 - Artgrafix has introduced the Ademco Phoenix 44" laminator, the next 
generation of pouch laminators for mounting and laminating inkjet prints. The Phoenix is a pouch laminator, 
designed for using one step pouch boards and film pouches, which can easily convert to use both cold and 
heat activated roll films. This allows users of the Phoenix to not only get professionally laminated prints right 
out of the box with minimal training, but also enjoy the material and time savings of roll film on larger production 
runs as their large format business grows.

The Phoenix is a professional grade laminator. Robustly designed, the Phoenix uses steel frame construction 
and large diameter rollers to achieve glass-like lamination results. With two speed and two temperature settings, 
the Phoenix work with all medias, including the heavier photographic and fine art papers. This expands the 
range of prints which can be mounted and laminated using pouch boards, also allowing users to take on more 

The Phoenix bridges the gap between pouch laminator and roll laminators. In commenting on the Jeff Stover 
stated "until now, people buying their first laminator had to choose between a pouch laminator at a reasonable 
cost and a more expensive roller laminator. The Phoenix not only expands what a pouch laminator can do, but 
when a company has a job of 5 or more prints with the same finish, they can use roll film and save up to 30% 
on their supplies." Stover continued "The Phoenix is a laminator which can not only accommodate a company’s 
expanding laminating business, but can help them grow their business by successfully competing for larger jobs."

Available in 25" and 44" working widths, printers can receive information on the Phoenix by contacting 
Artgrafix at 800.443.4421. For more information on this and other new products, visit Artgrafix at

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