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Canon U.S.A., Inc. - 4/7/2008

Canon U.S.A. and Sepialine Introduce Advanced Accounting for Canon Large Format Printers

Lake Success, N.Y., and San Francisco, April 7, 2008 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in imaging solutions, and 
Sepialine, Inc., today announced the immediate availability of Sepialine's print accounting software for the Canon 
imagePROGRAF large format printer series. The new software extends Sepialine's Argos Cost Recovery System 
by integrating directly with imagePROGRAF large format printers to provide detailed print records that include 
total ink consumption. 

"Capturing print costs is critical to our customers, and that's why our partnership with Sepialine is an important 
step for us," said Jim Rosetta, vice president and general manager, Imaging Systems Group, Canon U.S.A. "For 
firms looking to monitor and recover print expenses, Sepialine's ability to report costs based on actual usage is 
a unique and tangible benefit. Our relationship with Sepialine allows Canon to deliver truly outstanding cost 
recovery, and we're gratified to count Sepialine as a partner."

Inkjet printers such as Canon's imagePROGRAF series serve a wide range of purposes, ranging from technical 
line drawings to full-color presentation materials. The versatility of inkjet printers presents a paradox: some inkjet 
printing consumes large amounts of ink and is, therefore, expensive. Other times, a print job requires less ink at 
a relatively low cost. Unless print tracking software can detect those differences in print jobs, usage reports do 
not accurately reflect total print costs. Sepialine's new integration software solves the inkjet tracking dilemma 
by categorizing and determining the cost of print jobs based on ink consumption, resulting in precise and 
accurate cost reporting.

The new imagePROGRAF integration software is the latest addition to Sepialine's extensive support for Canon 
products, which also includes the newly announced Argos Embedded Copy Tracking for Canon MEAP devices, 
a pure software solution for tracking Canon MFPs. Together, the imagePROGRAF and MEAP cost recovery 
products offer Canon dealers and customers a complete view of their equipment expenses.

"Sepialine's goal is to accurately track and monitor 100 percent of our customers' expenses," said Mike Cahill, 
vice president, Engineering, Sepialine. "This new integration helps achieve that, bringing a new degree of 
precision and accuracy to tracking on Canon imagePROGRAF printers."

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