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Graphtec America, Inc. - 4/16/2008

Graphtec America, Inc. Introduces the New FC2250 Series Advanced Flatbed Cutting Plotters

Graphtec America, Inc. of Santa Ana, California, announces its new FC2250 Series Advanced Flatbed Cutting 
Plotters for sign makers, packaging designers, stencil makers, die makers, and other related users. The FC2250 
series now features the ARMS – Advanced Registration Marks System. This system adjusts for several types of 
potential print distortions, allowing for accurate contour cutting of printed images and decals. Additional benefit 
include: a second penholder, 1kg of force, supports the cutting and scoring of thick media and corrugated 
cardboard (E/F/G grade).  The new FC2250 series is available in six model configurations each type has a 
different table size and hold down methods: FC2250-60VC vacuum suction 24x36" , FC2250-120VC vacuum 
suction 47.2x36", FC2250-120MG magnetic 47.2x36", FC2250-120ES electrostatic adhesion 47.2x36", 
FC2250-180VC vacuum suction 68.5x36", and the FC2250-180ES electrostatic adhesion 68.5x36".

New manufacturing technologies, along with the latest engineering advancements have allowed Graphtec to 
make an unprecedented move forward in the industry. High performance features have been added to the 
new series and pricing remains competitive. The FC2250 series is list priced starting at $12,995 (-60), $12,995 
(-120), $19,995 (-180). Pricing includes Graphtec’s plug-in software Cutting Master for Adobe® Illustrator® and 
CorelDraw®. Each unit includes standard floor stand, second penholder, and 1 blade holder (PPA31-CB15HS) 
2 blades (CB15U-2SP 45 degree), and 5 blades (CB15U-K30-5SP 30 degree). The FC2250 series will be sold 
in the worldwide market through established distribution channels commencing April 2008.

FC2250 Features:
The FC2250 series has a maximum cutting speed of 16 in/sec, second tool holder, and 20g to 1000g selectable 
cutting forces, allowing users to cut diamond grade and high-intensity reflective film, sandblast resist rubber, 
self-adhesive vinyl, Amberlith and Rubylith, Folex (for offset printing), corrugated cardboards E/F/G grade, 
shoe patterns, as well as other media types. With the high throughput performance and superb accuracy, the 
new FC2250 series accommodates the most demanding cutting and plotting projects and provides users with 
the versatility needed for a wide variety of applications.

For decal production in the print and cut operation, the Advanced Registration Marks System (ARMS) uses a 
2-4 point area system to automatically detect registration marks printed on a digitally produced image. This 
benefits those who regularly process decal prints.   The ARMS system is designed to compensate for media 
mis-alignment, material expansion/contraction, and the common media shifting that occurs during the printing 
and laminating process. These intelligent features assure users of unsurpassed accuracy and reliable operation 
for even the most intricate die/contour cutting applications.

As with the previous model, the FC2240, the new FC2250 has a user-friendly control panel that includes an 
improved key panel design for quick and easy operation.  A large 20-digit x 2-line illuminated LCD menu display a
nd icon-labeled buttons provide effortless operation and simple navigation of setup menus. Eight commonly 
used function controls are directly accessible on the control panel increasing user efficiency, including
instantaneous Hold (pause), Cutting/Plotting Conditions, Axis/RMS Alignment, View, Position, Copy, Test Cut 
and New Origin.  

Eight user settings provide an instant recall of pre-programmed setup conditions.  This feature improves overall 
efficiency and productivity for the user, allowing them to retain their most commonly used media and proven job
type settings for immediate and consistent use on a later projects.  Each of the eight settings can be programmed 
with the specific type of tool/pen, cutting/plotting speed, acceleration, force, tangential control and distance 
compensation required for a specific application. 

The new FC2250 series is compatible with a variety of sign-making, CAD, and design/illustration software.  A 
Windows® driver for PCs (compatible with Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP, and now Vista®), Controller software 
for remote cutter/plotter set-up and operation, and Adobe® Illustrator®/CorelDraw® plug-in software for 
Macintosh® and Windows® come standard with all FC2250 series cutting plotters.

The FC2250 series also incorporates the features and well-acclaimed functions like the sophisticated tangential 
emulation algorithms (for sharper corners), tool soft-landing intelligence, multiple copy production, image rotation,
mirror effect and design scaling. 

A second tool holder benefits those users who frequently switch between test plotting, scoring, or cutting 
operations by eliminating the need for manual replacement of tools/pens.  Optional features/accessories to 
maximize user efficiency, include creasing tools for cardboard (CP-001), and corrugated cardboard (CP-002, 
CP-003) are available for applications requiring the scoring of cardboard for box prototyping. In addition, a 
cutter plunger (PHP34-CB30-HS – blade holder), and cutter blade for thick material (CB30UC-1 - 3mm) are 

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