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Nazdar - 3/30/2008

Nazdar Lyson TX6500 Series Digital Water-Base Dye Sublimation Inksets Now Available for Several Printers

Shawnee, KS, - Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, announces 
the new Lyson TX6500 Series digital water-based dye sublimation Inks formulated for use in Mimaki, Mutoh, 
Roland, and Epson digital printers. The Nazdar TX6500 Series of Lyson brand digital Wide Format Sublimation 
inks are designed to offer the user an excellent color/colour set which is vivid with good durability for both 
lightfastness and washfastness. When printed in conjunction with Nazdar Presstex heat-transfer paper, 
maximum ink transfer is achieved allowing the highest level of ink to permeate the end textile substrate. 

The TX6500 inkset is specially formulated to run on an array Wide Format printers. Currently this inkset allows 
the user to print on the following platforms: Mimaki JV4 Series (130, 160, 180), Mimaki TX2 1600, Mimaki JV22, 
Epson 9000, Epson 9600, Epson 9800, Roland Hi-Fi, Mutoh Viper, Mutoh RJ6100 Falcon, Mutoh RJ8000 
Falcon II.

The Lyson TX6500 Series Inks are available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, 
and Light Black, in 1 liter bottles, and 440ml and 220ml cartridges.

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