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Colortrac - 3/27/2008

Colortrac Expands Senior Leadership Team

Colortrac UK, the leading large format scanner innovator, has further extended its commitment to Excellence 
with the appointment of Simon Wincott to its senior management team. He joins the British scanner manufacturer 
as their new International Technical Support Manager with  responsibility for integrating and coordinating all 
elements of Colortrac's customer-facing product support activities.

Simon has over 20 years public sector experience of delivering solutions and services and of managing and 
supporting high technology systems across international and organizational boundaries. In his last appointment, 
Simon was responsible for the delivery of UK MOD communications, at one time introducing the largest PFI 
(private finance initiative), a multi-billion pound project.

As an RAF Squadron Leader Simon commanded a squadron of 120 engineers, managing, planning and 
deploying multi-million pound strategic communication solutions. He was the communications officer in the 
MOD team that evacuated British citizens from Lebanon in 2006. Simon has worked closely with major defence 
contractors like EADS, EDS, Harris, Raytheon and Serco.

Colortrac is a fast growing company with dynamic leaders in its R&D and Sales and Marketing departments. It 
is the only wide format scanner manufacturer to use both CCD and CIS technology, a unique selling point 
reflected in its increasing market share. However, Colortrac's internal audits revealed a need to strengthen the 
company's post-production, customer-facing support services. Simon is a professional support engineer 
experienced and skilled in this critical area.

Simon will be based in Colortrac's Brunel Court head office in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, a region of British 
excellence in science and technology.  He will lead a team of seven who will work with him internationally. 
Simon will direct the day-to-day operations of all the technical support staff with responsibility for all post-
production support of manufactured scanners and other deliverables.

As Colortrac is determined to ensure only the highest quality for its SmartLF scanners, Simon also assumes 
responsibility for revitalizing Colortrac's award of an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management 
System Certificate to Colortrac Imaging Systems (Suzhou), Colortrac's Chinese main assembly manufacturing 
plant, Simon has been instructed to achieve ISO 9001 and 20001 throughout Colortrac's International Operation.

His appointment, he said, "is particularly appealing because of the breadth of responsibility, the international 
perspective and the challenge of achieving excellence throughout Colortrac's technical support group. My 
aspiration is not just to provide the technical support group with the oversight and strategic direction it needs 
but also to implement real and tangible improvements to the quality of the products we provide."

Simon's appointment follows a Colortrac executive board meeting in November 2007 where it was decided that 
Peter de Winter-Brown, the Sales and Marketing Director, should take over responsibility for Technical Support 
operations worldwide. This structural change centralizes all Colortrac staff and departments involved in 
customer-facing distributor, partner and customer support activities.

"I am delighted to announce that Simon Wincott has accepted this appointment" said Peter de Winter-Brown.

"Simon's addition to Colortrac's senior leadership team gives us the professional experience and talent we need 
to raise our business to a higher level. Simon will ensure Colortrac has the necessary technical support strategy 
and infrastructure to deliver innovative solutions to our customers while effectively developing our business 

"We are confident that his appointment will provide the direction and leadership required to enhance Colortrac's 
support capability worldwide, particularly as we face the challenge of supporting new scanner interfaces and our 
growing use of software based imaging technology. Simon will be visiting his support staff in Beijing and Suzhou,
China, and in Golden, Colorado, USA, where he will implement strategy and set up reporting and review roles, 
responsibilities and goals."

Simon holds a bachelor of engineering degree in electronics systems engineering from the School of Engineering 
at Cranfield University, is a professional Chartered Engineer registered with the UK Engineering Council and a 
member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Always eager for a challenge, Simon is optimistic 
that he will be able to complete a part-time MBA (Master of Business Administration) course at Cranfield 
University's School of Management and in time become conversant in Mandarin Chinese while continuing to 
work for Colortrac.

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