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The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership - 3/21/2008

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership Announces Criteria

Pittsburgh, PA, March 21 2008 -- The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP Partnership) revealed the 
much anticipated criteria on how  to become a sustainable, green printer at the National Environmental Health 
and Safety Conference (NEHS) last week in Indianapolis, IN. 

Announced at the NEHS Conference general session on March 12, the criteria will guide printers on their journey 
toward sustainability. Printers who meet these requirements and are verified will be listed on the SGP Partnership 
registry website (, which can be used as a resource for print buyers. 

Two Categories of SGP Registration
There will be two categories of registration -- Candidate Pending Verification (CPV) and SGP Printer. The CPV 
category will give a facility a twelve-month timeframe in which to meet all criteria for becoming an SGP Printer. 
Facilities that already meet the criteria for being an SGP Printer may bypass the CPV category and apply for 
recognition under that category. Among other requirements, SGP Printers will have to complete an annual progress 
report and will be subjected to periodic verification by an accredited third party.  

Sustainability is Not Just About the Environment
It is important that printers understand that sustainability encompasses more than just environmental issues. 
Corporate social responsibility is another major component. As a result, the criteria are based on all three key 
elements of sustainability -- people, planet, and profits. 

Beta Testing and Feedback
The criteria will be beta tested during the upcoming months and modifications will be made, as needed, prior to 
the registry launch this summer. If you are interested in viewing the criteria, please visit the SGP Partnership Web
site and refer to the Registration Program document on the "Become an SGP Printer" page. SGP has set up a 
comment section on the website and is encouraging the printing community and other interested parties to 
provide feedack on the criteria during the beta-testing phase of the project. Comments will be accepted until 
April 18, 2008. 
About the SGP Partnership
The SGP Partnership is an independent  third-party registration organization formed in June 2007 as a collaboration 
between PIA/GATF, FTA, and SGIA; with the primary goals of defining sustainable green printing and identifying 
steps that will help the printing industry establish sustainable (or green) manufacturing and business practices.

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