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Matan Digital Printers - 3/25/2008

Matan Digital Printers presents at FESPA Digital 2008 the Barak3

The 3.5m wide version of the Barak UV, Hybrid SWF digital printers line, featuring new production speeds and 
a Multi-Function Vacuum Table.
Rosh Ha'Ayin, Israel, March 25, 2008 - Matan, the original innovator of the Super-wide Format (SWF) digital 
printing industry, presents the Barak3 – a 3.5 m wide version of the UV, Hybrid, SWF digital printer. Following the 
successful launch of the Barak line less than a year ago at FESPA 2007, and extended installations throughout 
Europe, Matan brings to the SWF European market, its 3.5m all-in-one solution for any type of application. It will 
be featured at FESPA Digital 2008, in Geneva, Switzerland, on April 1-3, 2008, at Matan's stand #F100,

"The European market's reaction to the Barak line was extraordinary." Says Hanan Yosefi, President & CEO. 
"In less than a year since we launched the Barak line, we are proud to say Barak users can be found throughout 
Europe – East to West." 

The presentation of the Barak3 will take place at Matan's stand #F100, on April 1st, with continuous live 
demonstrations, starting at 14:30. Matan will present the Barak's enhanced production speeds of up to 
150 sqm/hr, achieved thanks to the new BarakUV300 ink set. In addition Matan will demonstrate the new Multi-
Function Vacuum-Table that is suitable for the most demanding media handling needs and can be switched in a 
click to mesh, thanks to a new pneumatic mechanism. These two enhanced features enable Barak users to 
achieve higher productivity and enhanced printing quality on a wide variety media types and provide the easiest 
way to handle Mesh applications.

The Barak Product line
Barak is a SWF digital printer, using UV-curable inks, designed to bring an all-in-one solution to the market. 
Available in 5 m or 3.5 m widths, the Barak is easy to operate, user-friendly and guarantees a low total cost of 

This printer offers the following benefits to the end-user:
High Performance: Barak incorporates leading print-head technology, featuring a 30 picoliter drop size to achieve 
high-quality output. Its wide color gamut and flexible inks enable the Barak to target a wide variety of demanding 
applications. The low ink consumption with coverage of up to 180 sqm/liter (1940 sqft/liter) on average, and the 
excellent throughput of up to 150 sqm/hr (1615 sqft/hr) meet the performance requirements of the most 
advanced print shop.

Versatility: The Barak line features the only 5m wide UV-printer on the market that handles both flexible and rigid 
materials, either coated or uncoated. Its optional Multi-roll feature enables the Barak to print simultaneously on up 
to 3 rolls, making it the perfect solution for printing in demanding production environments.

Ease of use: The Barak product line implements Matan's user-friendly approach in both the mechanical and software 
design, assuring an easy, fast and intuitive workflow.

Environment Friendly: In line with Matan’s environment friendly philosophy, the Barak line uses UV inks that 
minimize site preparation requirements, ventilation and disposal.

Low Cost of Ownership: The Barak offers a competitive total cost of ownership, thanks to low running costs and 
fast return on investment (ROI).

In addition, Matan's stand will feature the flagship of its Thermal Transfer product line – the Matan SprinG³, 
which will be demonstrated throughout the show. The SprinG³ is an industrial 30 cm (12 inch), Roll-to-Roll digital 
printer, designed for fast, durable, short runs with vivid colors for Labels, Decals, Membranes, Traffic and other 

In addition, printed samples of tags, labels and different signs will be available on-site to illustrate the printer's 
unique output on a wide variety of media.

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