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Gerber Innovations - 3/10/2008

New Systems, New Technology from Gerber Scientific Products at ISA ‘08, Booth 2024

South Windsor, CT – Gerber Scientific Products, Inc. is showcasing new products and advanced new 
technology to the International Sign Association's International Sign Expo (ISA) March 27-29, 2008 in Orlando, FL. 

“This year has been a building year in terms of new products and new technology at GSP®,” explained Peter 
Marchi executive director of marketing for Gerber Scientific Products. “Our new product development has 
resulted in an extensive array of exciting new offerings for the sign making and specialty graphics market.” 

On display in booth 2024 will be the new wide-format inkjet printer—the Gerber Solara ion™, the new M Series digital 
graphic finishing system, the Gerber EDGE FX™ thermal printing system, the enVision™ plotter, and the newest 
version of OMEGA™ design, layout, and production software. In the area of materials, GSP will display its full line 
of 3M films and several new and updated EDGE READY® products. 

“GSP is thrilled about showcasing so many innovative new products at ISA this year,” shared Marchi, “Our flagship 
product, the Gerber Solara ion is the culmination of Gerber's growing expertise in the field of inkjet printers. This 
wide-format flatbed platform also incorporates a true roll-to-roll station for printing on both flexible and rigid 
substrates up to 64"/1.6m wide. 

The Gerber Solara ion's dual printing system eliminates the capital expense of purchasing two separate printers 
as well as minimizing the amount of valuable floor space that is required by the equipment.” The Gerber Solara 
ion features Gerber's patent-pending, Cold Fire Cure™ technology. This unique UV curing process uses low energy 
and low temperatures to cure the proprietary GerberCAT™ inks. Cold Fire Cure offers an array of benefits over any 
competitive curing process in the areas of material compatibility, cost, and environmental health and safety. 

GerberCAT inks provide unmatched adhesion and a strong, yet flexible mechanical bond that is immediately usable. 
Graphics created with the ultra-flexible GerberCAT inks are suitable for indoor and outdoor-durable applications 
including three-dimensional uses such as vehicle wraps with tight curves and smooth application over rivets. 

The Gerber Solara ion has a versatile range of user-selectable print modes offering choices of print speed and 
resolution. Performance mode is used for the fastest printing of samples or short-term graphics with good results. 
Production mode provides the best combination of speed and resolution, and the two High Quality modes print crisp, 
clear graphics at an apparent resolution up to 1440 dpi. 

“Speed, quality, versatility, and value,” stated Marchi “that is the Gerber Solara ion UV inkjet printer's competitive 

The GSP booth will also feature our new M Series Digital Graphic Cutting and Finishing Systems. The M Series 
systems are the fourth generation of rugged finishing systems which feature cutting, routing, and creasing tools 
with several table sizes to meet specific customer requirements. The M Series finishing systems are the perfect 
print-to-cut companion for the flexible and rigid output of the Gerber Solara ion. 

“These economically priced, versatile machines are powerful solutions for finishing printed output regardless of 
substrate or printing methods used to create them,” explained Marco Azzaretti, director of digital solutions for GSP. 
“Whether it is decals on flexible vinyl, UV inkjet printing on corrugated plastic, or digital or offset printing on flexible 
or rigid media, the M Series can handle most finishing requirements.” 

“The M Series Digital Cutting and Finishing Systems allow customers to increase productivity, eliminate scrap, and 
save money over traditional manual (hand-cut) methods,” commented Azzaretti. “As compared to die cutting, the 
M Series eliminates the cost of manufacturing and storing expensive cutting dies. In relation to a traditional CNC 
router, the M Series is capable of a much broader range of applications. M Series offers a unique combination of 
flexibility and performance, suitable for volume production as well as short-run and prototyping work.” 

Also on display will be the GERBER EDGE FX™ digital printing system which consists of the GERBER EDGE FX 
thermal transfer printer, the enVision™ vinyl-cutting plotter, and OMEGA™ design and production software. The 
EDGE FX fuses spot and process-color pigment-based GerberColor™ foils onto more than 25 EDGE READY 
materials which are digitally contour cut by the plotter. The finished products include a variety of brilliant short-run, 
custom printed and cut indoor or outdoor-durable graphics. The latest version of Gerber's design and production 
software, OMEGA 2.6.1 will be demonstrated at ISA. Compatible with Windows® Vista™ 32 systems, OMEGA 2.6.1 
also offers faster Sabre routing speeds, the ability to create cutter paths for most RIP software, powerful import filters,
improved menus, and automated design time tracking. 

Gerber will display an array of materials at ISA which will include the full line of films from Gerber and 3M. Gerber’s 
25-year relationship with 3M has resulted in a wide variety of high quality, dependable films in an extensive color 
range. Full line films are available in several widths, in both punched and unpunched formats and are compatible 
with Gerber's friction or sprocketed plotters and thermal or inkjet printers. 

Gerber will introduce two new GerberColor foils at ISA. SpectraTint™ and SpectraShade™ are designed to lighten or 
darken GerberColor spot foils. SpectraShade and SpectraTint foils expand the range of EDGE®-printed spot colors 
by printing a solid, transparent fill (without halftone dots) on top of a base foil. They can be used to simulate highlights 
or shadows, giving a three dimensional appearance to shapes and large text, or can be used to better match specific 
colors such as corporate logos. Both foils can be printed on colored vinyl to create special effects. These two tinting 
and shading foils triple the number of colors that can be produced using a shop's inventory. 

Updated GerberMag II and AutoMag II materials incorporate a super premium face film which has a smoother finish 
for improved print quality. The bright white cast vinyl face film replaces the current calendered film, and results in 
superior magnetic products that will stay cleaner and have a longer lifespan. 

New and improved GerberMask Ultra has an updated film formulation on a moisture resistant liner. GerberMask 
Ultra is a 4-mil, white film with a low-tack adhesive designed to be used as a stencil mask on smooth, flat surfaces. 
The new moisture resistant liner resists curling or expansion, resulting in a dimensionally stable and exceptionally 
flat masking product. 

Also introduced is the new Gerber Abrasion Guard SPF over-laminate foil which provides extra abrasion resistance 
and 30% longer UV protection for any EDGE output. Come and see all the new Gerber technology and new products 
at ISA in booth 2024, March 27-29, 2008 in Orlando, FL.

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