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Canon Solutions America - 3/18/2008

Océ Adds Versatility to the Océ Arizona 250 GT UV Flatbed Printer with a Dedicated Roll Media Option

“No Compromise” Printing for Rigid and Roll Media
March 18, 2008, Trumbull, CT – Océ, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, 
today announced it has added a Roll Media Option for the Océ Arizona® 250 GT UV flatbed printer.  The Océ 
Roll Media Option gives customers the ability to print on flexible media including vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, scrim 
banner, paper, film and textiles without compromising the productivity of the rigid printing workflow.  It will be on 
display in the Océ booth #436 at the ISA International Sign Expo® in Orlando, FL, March 27-29, 2008.

The Océ Roll Media Option expands the functionality of the Océ Arizona 250 GT and increases opportunities for 
users by enabling roll-based printing of flexible media to create banners, point-of-sale displays, backlit graphics, 
aper-based posters and fabric panels.  The ability to exactly match print quality across a wide range of media 
gives users an edge in the competitive pay-for-print market when bidding on complex print campaigns.  The 
Océ Roll Media Option can be shipped with new orders or it can be added in the field – all existing Océ Arizona 
250 GT units can be upgraded without hardware modification.  The award-winning image quality of the Océ 
Arizona 250 GT printer is now extended to a vast array of flexible, roll-based media.

“No compromise” roll printing
Unlike most systems, the rigid and the roll printing areas do not interfere with each other.  The two printing 
surfaces can be used sequentially:  while one is printing, the other can be handled without disrupting the printing 

Once a rigid print is finished, the print head assembly is positioned over the Roll Media Option and begins printing 
on flexible media.  Meanwhile, the rigid material is swapped out and a new board is placed on the vacuum table 
and prepared for printing.  Once the flexible media printing is completed, the print head assembly moves back to 
the table to resume printing on the rigid media.  The roll media can then be unloaded without disturbing the rigid 
rinting function.  There is absolutely no down time to reconfigure the system to change from one print mode to 
the other.

Unique technologies ensure accurate, high quality prints
As an added benefit of this architectural approach, the patent-pending system used to move the gantry assembly 
over rigid media can also be used to make micro-corrections in position when printing on flexible media.  This 
enables the printer to actively correct for any media advance errors encountered as the flexible media is advanced 
through the printing path.  Unique to the Océ Arizona 250 GT, this technology results in the highest quality roll media 
printing yet seen in a UV curable inkjet system.  It greatly reduces the amount of wasted prints when media advance 
errors occur because of anomalies in the roll stock.

The Océ Roll Media Option is a ‘touch-free’ system – at no point does any part of the printer or the transport contact 
the printing surface of the media.  Unlike roll-based systems that use pinch rollers, this feature enables customers to 
print on media sensitive to mechanical marking without marring the printing surface.

Roll Media Option features
The Océ Roll Media Option can support roll-based stock from 35.4 inches to 86.6 inches wide.  Maximum print 
width is 86.2 inches.  A cutting guide slot is included to enable the user to cut media in a perfectly straight manner 
while viewing the finished print.  A wind/rewind foot panel to control roll-to-roll movement is included.  This feature 
is used to advance and rewind media during loading and unloading and also enables the operator to view any part 
of the roll before cutting and dismounting.

The Océ Roll Media Option for the Océ Arizona 250 GT is expected to be commercially available in the second 
quarter of 2008.  For existing Océ Arizona 250 GT customers, the field-upgrade to install the Océ Roll Media Option 
can be accomplished in one-half day or less.

Océ Arizona 250 GT printer basics
The Océ Arizona 250 GT is based on a new Océ-developed platform that combines a true flatbed design and a 
separate, dedicated roll-to-roll capability.  It can print onto rigid media up to 49 inches wide by 98 inches long and 
1.89 inches thick.  With the Océ Roll Media Option, users can print onto flexible media up to 87” wide.  It uses 
four-color (CMYK) UV curable inks and Océ VariaDotTM imaging technology with near-photographic image 
resolution and delivers a true production print speed (sellable prints) of 172 square feet per hour.

The Océ Arizona 250 GT won the Digital Printing & Imaging Association (DPI) 2007 Product of the Year Award 
in the category Output Device Rigid Substrate UV.  DPI Product of the Year Awards compare output from 
competing devices using a common test file designed by DPI.  The prints are reviewed by a panel of judges, each 
with a background and expertise in digital printing and imaging.  The judges look for color appeal, detail and tonality, 
and the output is also judged on how closely it matches the test print.

The Océ Arizona 250 GT flatbed UV printer was designated “a truly innovative product” when it won the viscom 
INNOVATION AWARD 2007 in the Large Format Digital Printing category.  The award was announced during the 
viscom 2007 international trade fair for visual communication, held in Düsseldorf, Germany in September 2007.  

The Océ Arizona 250 GT won the DPI Vision Award, which is given to an exhibiting manufacturer whose new 
product has the best chance of positively impacting the digital imaging industry.  The decision is based on the 
product’s relevance to the market, potential industry influence and prospective value to the product’s end users.  
The award was presented in September 2006.

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