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Hewlett Packard Company - 3/6/2008

HP Indigo Completes PANTONE Goe Ink Mixing System Licensing

Palo Alto, CA, March 6, 2008 - HP today announced the completion of the PANTONE Goe licensing for the 
HP Indigo Ink Mixing System, making HP the only company among both digital and analogue press providers 
to offer both on-press simulation and an ink mixing solution for the PANTONE Goe System. 

Additionally, HP has developed the industry’s first swatchbook for on-press PANTONE Goe simulation. The 
new HP Indigo PANTONE Goe simulation swatchbook will be included in Pantone and HP’s new version of 
the Digital Color Toolbox for the PANTONE Goe System, a two-swatchbook bundle that offers a convenient 
way to compare solid PANTONE Goe Colors with their simulations in HP Indigo four-color, on-press process.

This latest product offering further supports the accurate reproduction of PANTONE Colors with HP Indigo 
digital color presses.

The new PANTONE Goe license for the HP Indigo Ink Mixing System, together with the original PANTONE 
MATCHING SYSTEM® license, produces more than 3,000 PANTONE Colors, delivering the highest level of 
process-color simulation of PANTONE Colors in the digital printing industry. HP Indigo PANTONE Goe mixed 
inks will be available for HP Indigo customers in May 2008. 

With the HP Indigo digital press support for PANTONE Goe and the updated PANTONE Goe version of the 
Digital Color Toolbox, print service providers and designers have an increased ability to plan and design high-
quality applications with precise, vivid colors. 

"HP is committed to continue leading color and print quality in the graphic arts market." said Alon Bar-Shany, 
vice president and general manager, Indigo division, HP.  "The combination of the new Digital Color Toolbox 
and the PANTONE Goe System licensing for the HP Indigo Ink Mixing System ensures the best possible color 
results on HP Indigo digital presses."

The new license for the HP Indigo Ink Mixing System is the seventh license awarded for HP Indigo solutions 
by Pantone and is in support of HP IndiChrome off-press, an 11-color mixing system for solid spot-color ink 
creation. The licensing shows a continuation in the long-standing partnership between HP and Pantone.

"Pantone and HP have been partners for years with the common goal of providing better color output for the 
design community," said Andy Hatkoff, vice president of advanced color technologies for Pantone, Inc. "The 
latest license agreement empowers creatives with the ability to now accurately produce the expanded color 
offering of the Goe System in high-quality Indigo prints."

The HP Indigo Pantone-licensed solutions are also supporting elements of HP DreamColor, a system approach 
to making it easy to produce accurate, predictable and consistent color across a series of digital devices.

The Pantone and HP Indigo Digital Color Toolbox for the PANTONE Goe System has a list price of US $280 
for a North American version or 280 Euro for an EMEA version. It is available now through Pantone’s Web site 
or through the My HP Indigo Web portal for HP Indigo users.

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