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GCC America Incorporated - 2/15/2008

White Solution - A Versatile Feature of the GCC StellarJET 183UV

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual-tech industry, proudly introduces White 
Solution - a truly versatile and unique feature of the GCC StellarJET 183UV curable inkjet printer.
GCC’s Research & Development team has successfully developed the White Solution for the GCC StellarJET 
183 UV inkjet printer. "More and more companies provide white ink options on their grand format UV-curable 
inkjet printers, but to large format UV-curable inkjet printers with white ink option are not so common in the 
marketplace at present. Therefore, the White Solution is a great advantage for us to differentiate our GCC 
StellarJET 183UV from others." stated Sophie Chang, product marketing manager of GCC.  

The White Solution can be applied in the following three primary applications: base, overcoat and spot color. 
White Solution as a base is widely used in colored (non-white) or transparent substrates; moreover, applying 
the White Solution as an overcoat allows users to design a two-sided image, viewable through transparent 
media. Also, users can apply White Solution as a spot color to highlight and present the most vibrant graphics. 
With White Solution, GCC StellarJET 183UV users can easily print a wide range of vivid and rich digital outputs 
on any transparent and/or colored (non-white) media, offering possibilities to create an extensive range of 

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