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Paradigm - 2/13/2008

Paradigm Imaging Group announces BERTL Four Star Rating for Graphtec CS500 and CS600 scanners

Costa Mesa, CA - February 13, 2008 - Paradigm Imaging Group, a leading supplier of large-format scanning, 
printing and document archiving solutions, announced today that the Graphtec CS500 and CS600 scanners 
have received the BERTL Four Star, Highly Recommended rating.

BERTL reserves the Four Star, Highly Recommended rating for devices that deliver a variety of business-
critical features and functions, are above average, and provide potential buyers with a good return on 
investment. The Graphtec CS500 and CS600 scanners, distributed by Paradigm Imaging Group, are 
described as "feature-rich, reliable and high-quality scanners with color-capture accuracy that is among the 
best in the industry."

Randy Geesman, President of Paradigm Imaging Group, stated, "The Graphtec CS500 and CS600 scanners 
are important components to our product line and this significant rating from BERTL® enhances Paradigm’s 
ability to provide the highest quality of service to our customers and deliver the most versatile and technically 
sophisticated solutions available in the market today."

Yasutaka Arakawa, President of Graphtec America, Inc., said, "We are proud to receive the BERTL® Four 
Star rating, and we are equally pleased to know that the Graphtec CS500 and CS600 are the only large-format 
CIS scanners to be recognized in this prestigious category."

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