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Hewlett Packard Company - 1/29/2008

HP Advances Designjet Z6100 RIP Certification Program with ColorGATE and SCP Software

Palo Alto, CA -  January 29, 2007 - HP today announced that its new RIP certification initiative for the new HP 
Designjet Z6100 Printer series has  tested and certified the ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER5 and SCP 
Software, extending the number of software options for HP large-format customers. These 
certifications continue HP’s process of aligning essential user performance expectations and the unique 
capabilities of the printer series for a wide range of large-format printing applications. In addition to compatibility 
assurance, customers have even more flexibility and choice in Raster Image Processor (RIP) and workflow 

Now with in excess of eight certified RIP solutions, the HP Designjet Z6100 Certification Program is the industry’s 
first RIP certification program for third-party vendors that provide graphics professionals, print service providers 
and technical designers working in color-critical environments with enhanced compatibility and confidence in 
the complete solution. Specifically, the ColorGATE and SCP software products provide high levels of 
functionality and interoperability to users with their advanced workflow solutions.

"The addition of two further products from ColorGATE and SCP to HP Designjet Z6100 RIP Certification 
Program’s demonstrates that they also share our commitment to delivering an enhanced user experience for our 
HP Designjet customers," said Enrique Lores, vice president and general manager, Large Format Printing 
Division, HP. "The addition of these software products ensures that customers have more options with thoroughly 
tested solutions that offer assured compatibility and reliability."

RIPs that have achieved certified status carry the unique Certified for HP Designjet Z6100 designation. 
Certification tests for the HP Designjet Z6100 include print quality, throughput performance and other important 
characteristics of printer management and job handling. Certified RIPs also offer profiles for a range of HP media 
as standard.

ColorGATE is the first independent software vendor to have achieved top marks in all areas, representing the 
highest level of functional integration between the RIP solution and the HP Designjet Z6100.

"When we started our driver development for the HP Designjet Z6100 our goal was to create the ideal 
complementary RIP product to work with the device,"said Thomas Kirschner, Managing Director, ColorGATE 
Digital Output Solutions GmbH. "Everyone at ColorGATE is extremely pleased that HP acknowledges this 
achievement by certifying our PRODUCTIONSERVER5 with the highest possible rating."

In addition SCP Software’s workflow management system now offers a complete solution that 
allows users a flexible and productive solution for all print-for-pay and in-house reprographic tasks.

"We have been very impressed with the innovative aspects of the HP Designjet Z6100, such as the built in 
spectrophotometer, and as a result of our involvement in the certification process we believe users will benefit 
from increased system robustness, productivity and quality gains." said Petra Brooker, managing director, SCP 
Software GmbH.

This certification program expands HP’s already extensive solution development program, which provides 
third-party software developers access  to hardware, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and additional resources 
to assist in the creation of solutions that are compatible with HP large-format printers.

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