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FDC Graphic Films - 1/23/2008

FDC Graphic Films Adds New Overlaminates

South Bend, IN (January 15, 2008) - FDC Graphic Films has expanded their overlaminate offerings with the 
introduction of FDC 7011, FDC 7061, FDC 7004 and FDC 7005. These overlaminates are recommended to be 
paired with FDC media to protect against chemicals, abrasion and UV damage. 

FDC 7011 is a 3.5 mil premium calendered laminate that can be used on any FDC premium calendered media. 
It was specifically designed to be paired with FDC 7240 calendered media on P.O.P graphics, decals, interior 
or exterior signage, labels and window graphics. 

FDC 7061 is a 10.0 mil promotional grade laminate that is designed to protect graphics used in high scuff 
environments.  This laminate also adds depth to the aesthetics of visual images such as photo displays and 
point of purchase graphics.

FDC 7004 is a 2.0 mil optically clear cast laminate with a high-gloss finish designed for both interior and exterior 
uses. It was designed to be paired with FDC cast, reflective and FDC 7260 media. 

FDC 7005 is a 1.0 mil promotional grade polypropylene laminate designed for both interior and exterior 
applications. It is a excellent inexpensive laminate for short-term promotional graphics when paired with FDC 
media 7246. 

Sample rolls of 30 inch by 10 foot are available from our convenient, no charge sample program by calling FDC 
at 800-634-7523. Please consult the FDC website at to download ICC profiles for this and 
all FDC products.

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