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Kerfkore Company - 1/17/2008

The Kerfkore Company Now Offers Sample Chain Sets Containing Its Kerfkore and Other Bendable Substrates

The Kerfkore Company of Brunswick, Georgia now offers a sample chain set containing samples of its 3" 
Kerfkore, Timberflex, Flexboard, and two samples of formed econoKORE.  The sample chain demonstrates the 
flexibility, quality and ingenuity of these bendable substrates and gives you an idea of what can be accomplished 
using them.  

Kerfkore is used for doing fast and accurate radius work. It is ideal for production environments where repetitive 
products are manufactured.  Kerfkore is a revolutionary substrate material that allows horizontal or vertical grade 
laminates, metals, 2-ply and phenolic backed veneers to be laminated flat and then formed into virtually any 
shape without stress cracks, delaminating or telegraphing.  It provides for smooth and symmetrical inside and 
outside radii up to 3 1/2".

Timberflex is ideal for custom fabrication because it is the first and only high-quality 3/4" bendable panel that 
has a three-ply Italian popular face ready to paint, stain or laminate without the need for patching or sanding. 

Flexboard is a low-cost alternative to bending plywood for radius fabrication.  For just pennies more, Flexboard 
provides 10" radius fabrication quickly and easily with no sanding, patching, multiple layers, special installation, 
or odor.  It reduces cost, scrap, and weight and can be used for radius applications as vast as one’s 
imagination.  Flexboard can be bent and attached to a ribbed frame easily with staples and nails.

econoKORE is a unique 2-ply product that brings you the ability to form curves with less labor and less cost.  
Made of processed MDF core with a High Density or Poplar Plywood overlay, it is much easier and more 
economical to work with than bending ply.

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