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Delcam - 1/9/2008

A New Release Version of Delcam Crispin3D Now Available

What is new for Delcam Crispin3D ?

Loop feature
For applying a 'pull strap' loop to the back of sports or outdoor type footwear. Various designs of Loop can be 
created. Colours, thickness and textures can also be applied. The positioning, rotation and offset of the loop 
can also be controlled.

Transparency option for the background of a Logo
Logos applied to the design can have the option to apply a transparency to the background colour.

Transparency option for a created panel
Created panels now have the option to apply a transparency to the RGB colour applied to the panel.

Save a design on the other foot
A design created and saved on a left or right foot last, can be saved on the opposite foot last. The last changes 
to the opposite foot and the design re-applied.

Import / Export Delcam OBJ Files
The OBJ format has been included to incorporate a smoother import and export of data between Delcam and 
CRISPIN software products. In particular, this improves the interactiveness for applying soles created and 
imported from Delcam PowerSHAPE and SoleDesign.

Import PS-Style and PS-Last files from MIND 3D
A PS-Last and PS-Style import feature has been added for importing MIND 3D lasts and style line data. The last 
and style line files are imported together, and the PS-Last converted to a Delcam CRISPIN last file. The style 
lines from the PS-Style file are converted into Delcam CRISPIN style lines on the last, ready to save as a 
Delcam CRISPIN design file.

Flatten Panels
The flatten panel icon is now positioned below the panel icons in the main Upper Design tool chest. Clicking 
the flatten panel icon will prompt the user to select a panel on the last, then flatten into 2D for use in CRISPIN

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