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Westar Systems LLC - 1/9/2008

Westar System’s VWF Sublimation Ink Outperforms Three Leading Inks

Colorado Springs, Colorado - January 09, 2008 - Westar Systems has just released more test results. The Color 
Strength Comparative Analysis measured three leading sublimation ink brands against Westar Systems’ Vibrant 
Wide Format (VWF) sublimation ink. VWF ink proved to have 18% to 31% more color strength.  

Westar Systems is a leading distributor of high quality sublimation ink and paper. Westar is licensed to distribute 
sublimation ink for use on Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers wider than 42 inches. 

Rich Brenner, Westar President said, "Westar Systems’ sublimation ink has always had a reputation as a 
vibrant, consistent ink with depth of color. These test results confirm what we have experienced all along." 
The inks were tested at a European ISO facility using ink coverages from 10% to 100%.  The net result is that 
VWF’s color strength significantly outperformed three leading inks by stagger percentages; 18.5%, 25.8% and 
31.5% across the composite ink set.

Brenner, goes on to say, "When a customer uses our VWF inks with it’s stronger color strength they can 
obtain the same color, but with less ink, which in turn will save our customers money."

Westar Systems VWF ink combined with Jetcol transfer paper (which releases 18% more ink) provides the 
sublimation printer the best solution possible. 

Westar Systems LLC is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rich Brenner is the founder and president of 
Westar Systems. Mr. Brenner is a highly respected veteran of the sublimation industry. He has played a strategic 
role in shaping the industry landscape.

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