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Neschen Americas - 1/8/2008

Neschen Gets Certification as Textile Media Supplier/Partner for CeeLite LEC Panels

January 8, 2008, Elkridge, MD - Neschen Americas is pleased to announce that it has entered an agreement 
with CeeLite, LLC, to be a certified supplier of textile printing media for use with CeeLite Light Emitting Capacitor 
(LEC) technology. Neschen Americas, manufacturer of renowned Neschen® brand textile media for digital 
printing applications, and CeeLite, LLC, the world’s first commercial manufacturer of LEC technology, have 
joined forces to present the sign and display marketplace with a range of state-of-the-art lighted graphics solutions.

CeeLite LEC panels are ultra-thin. They are constructed with phosphors, PET/ITO, dielectrics and pigments as 
a capacitor, and encapsulated in flexible, semi-rigid or rigid materials. They can be used to turn virtually any 
surface into a light source, providing flawless white illumination with very low power consumption and no heat. 
Special encapsulating technology allows the panels to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Neschen Americas has acquired CeeLite certification for select materials from its Neschen® SolvoTex™ line of 
textile media. These include: SolvoTex Artist Premium Heavy S, SolvoTex Samba Light Box, and SolvoTex PES 
Banner 240.

"When graphics printed on these textiles are placed on a CeeLite LEC panel, they exhibit bold, rich tones, 
even color saturation, and optimum brightness. These textiles are also highly durable to match the broad range 
of indoor and outdoor applications that CeeLite LEC panels can address," explains Angela Mohni, VP of 
Marketing at Neschen Americas.

SolvoTex Artist Premium Heavy S is a 100% polyester, heavy canvas media for indoor and outdoor applications 
with a useful outdoor life expectancy of up to 6 months. Its special print-receptive coating (one side) yields 
brilliant colors and deep blacks, and accepts solvent, eco-solvent, and UV inks. Artist Premium Heavy S meets 
NFPA701 and B1 for fire resistance and is available in rolls 80", 98", 122" and 198" wide.

SolvoTex Samba Light Box is a 100% polyester textile media with a light-poplin weave. Coated on one side to 
accept solvent, eco-solvent, and UV inks, this material yields brilliant color in backlit applications. It can be used 
indoors and outdoors, and meets NFPA701/B1 standards. Outdoor useful life expectancy is up to 6 months. It 
is available in a 122" wide roll.

SolvoTex PES Banner 240 is a 100% polyester fabric media designed for solvent and eco-solvent printing. Its 
tight-weave gives the material slightly elastic properties with a soft touch. It is wrinkle and crease resistant, and 
affords sharp, brilliant color reproduction. PES Banner 240 meets NFPA701 and B1 standards and has a useful 
outdoor life expectancy of up to 6 months. Roll widths are 54", 61", 80", 98", 122" and 198".

"This partnership offers both companies new opportunities in a range of markets," says Mohni. "We are 
integrating our top product technologies to offer customers easy access to exciting new solutions for high-visibility 
signs and color images. These can be used for information purposes, graphic, industrial and architectural 
design, as well as display and advertising applications."

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