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Graphtec America, Inc. - 1/3/2008

Graphtec Announces Their Newest Personnel Desktop Cutting Device - The Craft ROBO CC200.

Santa Ana, CA - Graphtec America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of plotters, vinyl cutters, color printers, 
scanners, is introducing the new Craft ROBO CC-200.  A computer operated cutting machine for applications 
such as scrapbooking, paper crafting, graphic design, and heat transfer.  As with its predecessor the Craft 
Robo CC100, it carries a registration mark sensor enabling consumers to contour cut any printed design - great 
for colorful 3-d modeling or creating personal decals. The Improved features of the new Craft ROBO CC-200 
include higher down pressure, improved ROBO Master design software, and a improved plug-in for those who 
design in Adobe Illustrator and/or CorelDRAW.

The Craft ROBO mini cutting plotter supports up to 8 ½ x 11" size media (letter size) and can be used with a 
wide variety of materials including paper, card stock, heat transfer and vinyl films.  This user-friendly, personal 
cutter can cut vinyl for small stickers and labels as well as cut out elaborate full color decals and desktop signs.  

One of the most unique features of Craft ROBO is the registration mark sensor that gives it the ability cut 
pre-printed graphics. Use your inkjet printer to print an image with specified registration marks, insert the printed 
image into Craft ROBO where it then electronically detects the registration marks, and precisely contour cuts your 
printed image it’s quick and easy. These registration marks enable the CC200 the ability to “know” where to cut 
with accuracy.

Its unique multi-functional kiss-cut design allows users to cut outlines around stickers leaving them attached to 
the backing sheet or, with the use of the supplied adhesive carrier sheet, cut through designs that are on paper 
or card stock. It can even be used to create fold lines for card-stock designs.

Craft ROBO has a cutting speed of up to 4 inches per second, down force of up to 230 gram, and an effective 
cutting area of approximately 8 inches by 39 inches. Craft ROBO includes its own ROBO Master software that 
enables the designing and output of graphic designs. Craft ROBO plug-in software, Cutting Master, also allows 
users to output their favorite designs created by the popular graphics and illustration software programs, Adobe® 
Illustrator® and/or CorelDRAW. Also included is a Windows driver to operate with Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT4.0, 
2000, XP, and Vista.

Graphtec America is confident that with the addition of the new Craft ROBO personal desktop cutting device 
to its range of products, the company will continue to supply products that meet the requirements of industry 
professionals and corporate users, as well as consumers who are looking for solutions using high cutting quality 

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