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MegaInk - 11/28/2007

Megaink Completes A Successful Year By Taking The Russian Market By Storm

Brandys nad Labem, Czech Republic - In an exciting close to the year, Megaink has recently undertaken an 
intensive tour of its customers in the Russian market, educating both customers and dealers in the benefits of 
using its successful BioMG ink range and promoting its new magenta color that has just been launched on the 
European market.

BioMG Inks, made from renewable sources rather than traditional chemical solvents, are advantageous in that 
they are environmentally friendly, and the new magenta color, for Super Wide Format printers, will enhance 
customers’ abilities to print red and orange shades.

Megaink has a strong presence in Russia which extends well beyond Moscow. Last month’s tour took Megaink 
executives through Moscow, Yekaterinburg and into remote Ural area locations, giving training sessions on the 
new bio ink products to customers with demo installations on their sites. The tour demonstrates Megaink’s 
strength in communicating directly with its business partners and training end-users across the globe. Megaink’s 
Director of Business Development, Avi Bukai noted that, "Working with our customers in this manner helps 
them to achieve better output from their equipment and therefore better print results."

Megaink is going to great lengths to explain and educate the market about the benefits of bio ink. Megaink’s 
Director, Andrej Keblusek pointed out that, "Megaink is the only company today to have an in-house school 
with printers and equipment to train its dealers. In some cases we bring the dealers to us for training, while in 
others, we go to them."

Megaink will be launching yet more new products on the world market in the New Year.  Yet more proof that it 
really is one of the world leaders in the development of eco-friendly inks.

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