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Kerfkore Company - 11/8/2007

Two-Ply Econokore Offers Lower Cost And Greater Stability

The Kerfkore Company now offers econoKORE, this USA bendable substrate manufacturing pioneer’s two-ply 
answer to single ply kerfed and plain kerfed MDF panels.  It offers far greater stability with its smooth surface 
and two vs. one ply and enables the user to form curves with less labor and at a lower cost.

econoKORE’s unique 2-ply construction offers a more stable and balanced panel that is calibrated for consistent 
size and thickness.  It can be easily bent and attached to a ribbed frame by the use of nails.  There is no warping, 
twisting, flat spots, size variation, or odor associated with econoKORE.  

econoKORE enables the user to form curves with less labor and at a lower cost.

It is much easier to work with and more economical to use than sing-ply kerfed and plain kerfed MDF panels 
and can reach a 6-inch radius.  Installation can be accomplished with traditional fabricating tools and methods, 
and it is manufactured from processed MDF core with a high density or poplar plywood overlay.  There is no 
sanding or patching required and the poplar plywood overlay provides a smoother, more symmetrical laminating 
or painting surface.

econoKORE is available in a ¼" and 3/8" thickness along with a recently introduced ¾" lite version with an 
MDF core in 4’x8’ and 8’x4’ panel sizes.  The ¼", 3/8", and ¾" thickness are available with a poplar plywood 
face while the ¼" and 3/8" are available with a high-density fiberboard face.  The board weighs just 1.0 pound 
per square foot.

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