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Leggett and Platt Company - 10/23/2007

L&P Digital Technologies Defines the Future with Virtu®HD8 at SGIA ‘07

(Sunrise, FL USA) - Leggett & Platt Digital Technologies, a full service provider of VIRTU® superwide and 
grande format digital printing machines and systems, is set to define the future, again. Unveiling at SGIA’07,
L&P’s new Virtu®HD8 features high definition, superior quality 8-picoliter precision that rivals desktop quality.
It’s the first in a superwide - grande format printer that prints at manufacturing production speeds. 

Using the same exterior industrial machine design with "Herculean" construction that has set the Virtu® apart 
from competitors in the past, 2006 DPI Innovator of the Year award winner Leggett & Platt proves once again 
that it is what’s inside that counts. Using MEMS multi-drop digital technology, the Virtu®HD8 prints with high 
definition, high resolution 8-picoliter fine drop size for the finest quality, with "auto change" to print 16 or 24 
picoliter drop volume for mid-range or production printing. Three machines in one, it adjusts to print with a range 
of fine to coarse drop sizes to meet customers’ resolution needs. L&P Digital’s high precision manufacturing 
controls and tolerances are uniquely able to bring the printing industry high definition 8-picoliter precision for 
advancing the standard desktop printer into the superwide, production printing world. 
- features precision linear motors on an ultra rigid bridge
- super high tolerance table 
- combined with unique design and improved manufacturing techniques
- minimized induced tolerance issues associated with temperature variations

Additionally, Leggett & Platt Digital Technologies breaks through the price barrier in launching the new, 
revolutionary Virtu®HD8 high definition technology in two modular platforms. Now you can have the latest in 
high definition 8-picoliter precision superwide printing - desktop quality, high production performance and 
speed - at a price competitive with yesterday’s "lower end" printing technology. Ask about the Virtu®HD8 
with modular platforms and an entry point that gives you the high definition printing you need today and the 
ability to add capacity (double, triple, and more) as needed - to expand performance and speed to meet your 
needs in the future!

For more information, contact L&P Digital Technologies at 904-249-1131.

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