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Walls and Forms Inc. - 10/30/2007

FoldingFrame Hinge Device Features Stop Clip That Allows Panels To Fold Closely Together With Handle For Carrying

Walls + Forms Inc., a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of display components and systems, now offers 
FoldingFrame with a handle for easy carrying along with a hinge device that features a stop clip enabling the 
panels to fold closely together.  Its one-piece hinge opens to 47-degree angles for display.  

The FoldingFrame display offers users the flexibility to apply vinyl graphics to an existing solid backer panel or 
can be purchased with one of its front-loading DisplayFrames or SekureFrames pre-installed.  

FoldingFrame measures a standard 23 7/8" wide X 36 5/8" high X 2 ½" diameter with height closed and a 23 
7/8" wide X 33 ½ high X 29 13/16" open dimension.  It is available with a standard white MDO panel.  
FoldingFrame utilizes a satin hinge with a black handle.  The standard backer is ½" thick UV grade MDO 
painted white on the front side and edges.  Standard ‘A’ frame design is available for backer panels.

FoldingFrame can even be purchased with optional front-loading DisplayFrames and SekureFrames, which are 
available in a variety of colors.   The standard DisplayFrame and SekureFrame holds standard size 22" wide X 
28" high poster size graphics.

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