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Sun Chemical, Corp - 10/24/2007

Sun Chemical Introduces MTG UV Hard Coat System

Parsippany, NJ, - October 24, 2007 - Screen printers have a new ink system solution that holds up better to the
high heat and immense pressure used in manufacturing formable plastic parts. At SGIA 2007, Sun Chemical 
launched the MTG UV hard coat system for use in making formable and non-formable automotive, appliance, 
cell phone, and medical parts. 

The MTG-FORMTM is the only formable UV hard coat system available on the market. With extraordinary 
elongation properties, MTG-FORM UV ink can stretch up to 1.5 inches as plastic parts, such as air conditioning 
and radio dials in cars, become three dimensional.

"As the graphics on plastic formable parts are pushed into their appropriate locations, the plastic and ink must 
withstand an enormous amount of heat and pressure to form properly," said Curt Baskin, marketing manager, 
Sun Chemical’s Specialty Inks Group. "The MTG formable ink does not fracture in these high-pressure situations."

By using either the MTG-FORM or MTG-NFTM, Hi-tech automotive manufacturers can avoid the expensive and 
burdensome use of nitrogen curing products. In addition to passing the aggressive specifications for automotive 
and Hi-tech applications, MTG has excellent mar and scuff resistance and outdoor durability. Both MTG sets 
can be used as standalone hard coats or can be blended together to alter the desired finish, and are available 
in either matte, gloss or texture clear finishes.

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