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Raster Printers, Inc. - 10/24/2007

Raster Printers introduces the Daytona H700UV Hybrid Flatbed Printer

Orlando, October 24, 2007 - Raster Printers, Inc. a California Company introduced today, Daytona H700UV a 
72 inch wide Production Flatbed UV printer at SGIA in Orlando.

Utilizing Toshiba Tec’s CA4 Grey Scale print heads with drop sizes ranging from 6 pL to 42 pL, H700UV 
produces near photographic quality images. A vacuum belt media handling system can handle roll and rigid 
media up to 72 inches wide, 1.8 inches thick and 100 pounds in weight. In 4 Color mode, eight print heads, 
each with 318 nozzles can produce graphics at speeds of up to 320 sq. feet per hour. The addition of two 
optional print heads allows white ink printing in multiple modes to support printing on clear as well as substrates 
of different colors.

At a list price of under $80,000 for the 4 color version and under $85,000 for the white ink version, the Daytona 
H700UV establishes a new price performance standard for a production UV printer.

Indoor and Outdoor Graphics
Daytona H700UV is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor graphics. Utilizing variable drop sizes at apparent 
resolution of more than 1200 dpi or true binary resolution of 1200 dpi, the H700UV meets the photographic 
image quality requirements of most indoor graphics. At the same time, the UV curable inks offer excellent fade 
resistance for outdoor applications.

Key Technologies
Vacuum Belt Media Transport. Vacuum belt media transport carries the media through the print zone by precisely 
controlling the feeding steps resulting in accurate dot registration. The fact that the media is transported on a 
vacuum belt, the printer can handle roll and rigid media of various thicknesses, weight, smoothness and size.

Gray Scale Piezo Print Head Technology. Daytona H700UV gray scale print heads produce exceptional image 
quality by utilizing 8 different size drops ranging from a small 6 pL drops to produce fine detail and dots as large 
as 42 pL to produce good saturated solid colors and dots in between to produce the smoothest gradations of 

White Ink Support. In addition to the four process colors, CMYK, the printer also includes two, optional print 
heads to support white ink printing. White ink mode supports spot color as well as under and over print capability.

UV Curable Inks. UV curable inks are environmentally friendly and offer the flexibility of being able to print on just 
about any flexible or rigid media.

In general, UV systems require less maintenance and offer higher reliability due to the fact that these inks do 
not dry in the printheads and at the same time offer instant drying on the media by curing the ink with UV light.

Dual Shuttered UV Lamps Curing System. To be able to print bi-directionally on a wide range of substrates the 
H700UV utilizes a dual Mercury lamp curing system. To minimize heat generation the leading lamp can be 
shuttered close. The power setting for each lamp can be adjusted to High or Low position.

Media Gap Adjustment. To accommodate a wide range of media, the printer is designed to accommodate 
media thickness of up to 1.8 inches.

Simplified Head Maintenance. To maintain good print head nozzle reliability, even after extended idle time, the 
printer is designed with an automated head cleaning system which employs a non contact nozzle plate 
vacuuming system. After purging ink, the head carriage travels across a vacuum knife which removes the 
excess ink from the nozzle plates without touching the nozzle plate surface. This protects the nozzle plate 
from scratching.

Optional Support for i-cut Digital Die Cutting Workflow
With an optional upgrade to Onyx PosterShop or Onyx ProductionHouse Software and the add-on i-cut workflow 
module, graphics can be automatically cut on a router table to reduce finishing labor. (Mikkelson Graphic 
Engineering, Inc. is the developer of the i-cut automated digital cutting system).

Support for Wide Range of Media
UV curable inks offer the flexibility of printing on virtually any type of coated or uncoated media including vinyl, 
paper, foam-core board, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet, styrene, aluminum-plastic composite sheets, MDO boards, 
Ceramics, Glass, metals, acrylic and polycarbonate sheets.

Availability & Pricing
Daytona H700UV shipments will begin in November 2007. U.S. List price for the complete system including 
printer, RIP software, high speed RIP station, a starter kit, installation, training and one year warranty is $79,995 
for the CMYK model. White ink version of the printer with 10 print heads has a List price of $84,995.

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