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3P InkJet Textiles - 10/19/2007

Environmentally Safe Solutions from 3P

Most of 3P's products are biodegradable and recyclable.

Turn green today. For adverting purpose or event graphics use biodegradable natural cotton fabrics or recyclable 
products from 3P InkJet Textiles Corp to protect the global environment.

The 100 % cotton fabrics Country Cotton and Simply Tex, printable with water-based dye or pigmented inks, 
and UV-optimized Cotton FR are biodegradable. These organic materials disappear very quickly into nature 
with the help of light, water and microorganisms. 

Most of 3P's fabrics are recyclable and can reduce the amount of waste going into landfills. Do not trash it, 

The complete "green" Value line for transfer and direct sublimation printing, of course, is recyclable. Recycling is 
possible with the following products of 3P's aqueous ink line: Country Cotton, Silk Crepe, Polyester FR, Polygloss 
FR, Polyvoile FR, Simply Tex FR, Flag Tex, and Mesh Tex.

TruColor Flag FR and TruColor Flag Outdoor for (eco-) solvent inks as well as the whole UV-optimized line are 
recyclable, too. 

3P InkJet Textiles AG focuses on environmental protection since its foundation. The wide range of fabrics 
fulfills the very strict eco-friendly regulations in Germany, naturally. The ambition of 3P's Research and 
Development department is always to act in accordance with the environment. Therefore 3P established an 
internationally accepted environmental management system according ISO 14001 in the production process 
about five years ago. 

Thomas Pötz, director of marketing and product development, declares: "3P will continue to find and develop 
eco-friendly solutions. The consequences of climate change are noticeable and the people get more and more 
sensitive to environmental problems. We offer high-quality textiles with many advantages; for this and next 
generations environmental friendliness is a significant one."

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