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Teckwin - 10/5/2007

Teckwin International Will be Presenting it’s New i-cut(R) Equipped TeckRouter at SGIA

Teckwin is pleased to announce the demonstration of its new TeckRouter, using i-cut vision, the preeminent 
vision workflow solution, worldwide, for short run graphics with workflow integrated all the way from design 
through the RIP for accuratedigital finishing.  Now, these same capabilities will be available to the smaller digital 
print shop, as the TeckRouter(TM) will allow for the routing/finishing of short run graphics, whether laminated or 
directly printed on rigid substrates, with automatic precision. Since lamination introduces stretch and shrinkage
issues to a graphical shape, and digital printers are not as accurate in register as the analog printing presses they 
replaced, using the print file to determine the correct contour to maintain graphical edges does not always work 
well enough to satisfy a client.  The i-cut Vision system ensures that a graphic will be finished as it was printed, 
rather than as the design file expected it to be printed.  While flexible materials can be cut by hand and rigid 
materials with semi automated CNC technology, quality cutting of the rigid materials printed by Teckwin’s UV 
flatbed will be easily and profitably handled by the Teckwin TeckRouter utilizing the i-cut equipped cutting 

Providing significant time and financial savings, the new TeckRouter will further extend the Teckwin family, 
which already offers a full range of both hybrid and flatbed UV printing systems. 

TeckRouter is targeted at screen printers, graphic display shops and commercial printers producing rigid output. 
Because of its unique design features, TeckRouter is capable of transforming short-run jobs from time-consuming, 
costly propositions into viable, efficient and lucrative business opportunities. This ability enables cutting of one or 
many prints, saving considerable time, while allowing for increased creativity and flexibility. What’s more, with 30%
extra speed gained through optimizing for print routing, the TeckRouter will be offering more speed than the 

Stella Hu, Teckwin’s President and CEO, comments: ‘TeckRouter was specifically engineered so that set-up 
and changeover from one rigid board to another can be accomplished seamlessly, instead of hours compared to 
more traditional hand cutting methods.’

Stella Hu continues:  ‘We expect the new TeckRouter to make a dramatic impact on the market. In addition to 
cost savings, the new revolutionary design enables it to cut virtually any rigid substrate. This provides endless 
possibilities for marketing and decorative applications.’ 

TeckRouter will handle sheets up to 66-inch by 118- inch (1676mm x 3000mm) wide. It is suitable for point-of-
purchase, exhibition graphics, display graphics, bus shelters and most rigid signs. With the ability to operate 24 
hours, 7 days a week, TeckRouter provides maximum workflow efficiency.

Stella Hu concludes: ‘We are really excited about the new TeckRouter and our partnership with MGE. We 
look forward to great success with this product in the future.’

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