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Walls and Forms Inc. - 10/2/2007

DisplayFrames And SekureFrames Can Now Be Specified With EuroSign EuroStands

Walls + Forms Inc. is now offering its EuroSign EuroStands with a choice of DisplayFrame or SekureFrame 
"front-loading" frames.  These multi-functional merchandisers do the job of high-impact visual merchandising 
and point-of-purchase, wherever each is needed.  EuroStands are simple to use, easy to install, and ready for 
personalization.  They combine style with function and feature a user-friendly "front loading" design.    

EuroStand can be used for displaying full color lifestyle posters, promotional ads, signage, or for any other visual 
merchandising applications.  Materials fit securely in the DisplayFrame or SekureFrame and graphics can be 
changed in seconds.  Components are made from industrial grade materials.  

Signs, posters, and graphics can be inserted from the front, thus eliminating the possibility of unnecessary wear 
and tear.  They are available in clear anodized satin or a black anodized finish and feature a wide variety of 
eye-catching designer frame colors in aluminum or plastic, along with black end caps and octagon 
"vertical/horizontal" posts.  Frames and corner colors can be mixed a matched to enhance the look of any décor.

EuroStand measures 60" high X 30" wide X 18" deep.  The standard unit is double sided with frames on both 
sides.  Single sided stands are also available.  Both Model ES1350-1 and ES1350-2 is a pre-assembled unit 
including two frames, with a choice of DisplayFrame or SekureFrame.  Model ES1350-1 measures 22" wide X 36" 
high while Model ES1350-2 measures 22" wide X 28" high.  For the do-it-yourselfer, all components are available 
in stock sizes and colors/finishes.               

It is available with a backer board profile that allows you to place semi-permanent "die-cut" graphics behind the 
frame while leaving the front open to promotions.  Various backer options are available.  The standard backer is 
a 1/8" thick low-pressure laminated hardboard surfaced white on front side for interior use.  Fluted plastic 
(Coroplast) and white/two sided are for interior and exterior use.  Dry Erase laminate on 1/8" hardboard substrate 
one side is suited for interior use.

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