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Artgrafix - 8/14/2007

Artgrafix Introduces Acid Free Cold Mount Adhesives and Laminates for Displaying Fine Art Inkjet Prints

Beacon Falls, CT, August 14, 2007 - Artgrafix has introduced a complete range of cold mount adhesives and 
laminates in complementary sizes to fine art media. The adhesives do not contain any acidic components that 
could affect the pH of aqueous inks. These adhesives meet the requirements in accordance to the Library of 
Congress Preservation Specification for the storage of Artifacts (Specification 100-101 6/18/02 & 100-111 6/19/02).

The mounting adhesive is coated on both sides of an inert clear polyester film. This provides a physical barrier 
between the rigid substrate and the print, eliminating acid migration from the mounting board to the print. It also 
allows the use of non-archival boards, such as Gator Board, for the display of fine art prints. Both the mounting 
adhesive and over-laminating films use a long-life, non-yellowing optically clear adhesive.

Artgrafix has sized these films for fine art media and are available in cut sheets and rolls 18", 25", 38" and 45" 
wide. Commenting on these films, Jeff Stover stated, "we had a number of requests from printers who wanted to 
insure the laminating films they were using were consistent with the archival nature of the media they are printing 
on." Regarding the sizing of the rolls Stover added "using a film which is closer in size to the print being laminated 
makes it easier to process and given the value of these prints, this reduces waste and saves money. And you
are not paying for the film you can not use."

Printers can get a sample of these new products by contacting Artgrafix at 800.443.4421.

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