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Teckwin - 7/12/2007

Teckwin Appointed the First Chinese License for Contra Vision Perforated Window Film Materials

Contra Vision, the inventor and licensor of one-way vision and other see-through graphics, has appointed 
Shanghai Teckwin Development Co Ltd as its first Chinese licensee of Perforated Materials.
Teckwin is licensed to manufacture and sell the industry-preferred "Replacement Liner" (sometimes referred to 
as "solid liner") construction for imaging the windows of bus wraps, building wraps and point-of-purchase 
advertisements, under Contra Vision's patents in 22 countries.
Teckwin and their partner company Queens’ Point provide a comprehensive materials supply service to the 
digital printing market, Stella Hu, the CEO explained: "Our customers throughout the world require superior 
quality products and service at a competitive price.  Together with Contra Vision we can ensure that they have 
the best performing materials, and most importantly are complying with international Intellectual Property laws 
relating to the imaging and use of these highly technical substrates."
She concluded.  "Teckwin’s operations and customer base are rapidly expanding worldwide.  We have 
recently established our company in the growing US markets and have plans for operations and new partnerships 
in other key regions and areas of the printing industry."
Roland Hill, Chairman and Managing Director of the Contra Vision Group stated.  "This agreement is part of an 
on-going programme to expand our global network of licensed manufacturers and distributors.  We were very 
pleased when Teckwin sought a license as the company is selling the "replacement liner" construction that 
has numerous advantages, including more reliable adhesion and better "lay flat" properties, compared with the 
alternative construction with a perforated liner." 

He added: "Reliable and consistent product performance is critical in the high value display market. Buyers are 
increasingly seeking the confidence of patent-protected materials produced by licensed manufacturers which 
are guaranteed to give the best results."

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