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Graphics One LLC - 6/27/2007

Graphics One Announces GO RIO Dye Sub Transfer Printer

Burbank, CA - June, 2007 - Graphics One, LLC (GO), an international distributor dedicated to providing 
innovative, high quality products to digital imaging professionals is launching its new GO RIO Dye Sublimation 
Printer. The emergence of new and improved dye sub technology has indeed created a new market positioning 
for dye sub printers which offers many business opportunities. This new printer is revolutionary in that it is the most 
affordable high end digital transfer dye sublimation printer to hit the creative dye sub market.

GO’s new RIO digital transfer dye sublimation printer is so easy to use you can be printing in minutes. With a 
maximum printing width of up to 42 inches and with a high resolution of 360, 720, 1440 and 2880 dpi, you can 
transfer high quality prints on virtually any dye sublimation paper for sublimating on a wide variety of fabrics and 
rigid objects. In addition to the RIO’s high resolution printing is a four color drop-on-demand variable dot single 
printhead with smallest dropsize of 3.5 picoliters which resulting in finer details and brighter colors of your images 
and designs. GO’s RIO dye sub printer incorporates a new generation wide model piezo printhead which 
significantly increases the output speed for up to 400 sq feet per hour in high speed mode printing. Combine the
high resolution imaging with GO’s RioColor disperse dye inks, you will be able to print with new designs and images 
thought not possible. You can expand your creativity and increase your profits with this new line of dye sublimation 
printer from Graphics One.

According to Yianni Kolettis, GO Marketing Dept. "The RIO provides very fast imaging, high quality and 
affordable pricing for virtually all large format dye sub applications. GO’s new RIO opens up a world full of '
creative and business possibilites, and the only limitation is your creativity."

The RIO dye sublimation printer is ready to print on GO’s RIO Dye Sub paper for applications such as banners, 
flags, pennants, prototypes, sports goods (snowboards, helmets), gadgets (mugs, mouse pads, clocks), apparel 
(blouses, rain jackets, t-shirts, sportswear), personalized interior (curtains, sheets), polyester coated ceramics 
and tile murals, tradeshow and exhibition graphics (carpets, customized banners, booth decoration), floor graphics,
POP-displays, posters, soft signage, wall murals, fashion textile, shop awnings, outdoor advertising, home 
furnishings and more.

GO’s RIO Dye Sub Printer is priced at $4,895 with GO’s RioColor dye sub ink priced at $150 per liter. GO RIO is 
available for shipment beginning in June, 2007. Creating a World Full of Colors and Possibilities.

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