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Hewlett Packard Company - 6/25/2007

HP Designjet Certifies EFI Colorproof XF

Palo Alto, CA, June 25, 2007 - HP today announced that its new RIP certification initiative for the HP Designjet 
Z6100 Printer series has tested and certified the Colorproof XF RIP, a leading proofing solution from RIP and print 
technology manufacturer EFI. This certification continues HP’s process of aligning essential user performance 
expectations and the unique capabilities of the printer series for a wide range of large-format printing applications.

The new Certification Program for the HP Designjet Z6100 series is gathering momentum, with several upcoming 
certifications currently in process. The Certification Program provides graphics professionals, print service providers 
and technical designers working in color-critical environments with enhanced compatibility and confidence in the 
complete solution. These users also gain assured levels of functionality and interoperability when they select one 
of the HP-certified third-party RIP products. EFI Colorproof XF is a versatile solution for proofing, large-format 
production and photographic printing featuring EFI’s Bestcolor Technology.  

"One of the best ways to serve our customers is to provide a variety of RIP software choices for them to select 
from," said Enrique Lores, vice president and general manager, Large Format Printing Division, HP. "The 
certification of EFI Colorproof XF ensures that customers have the option of a carefully and thoroughly tested 
solution offering assured compatibility and productive output."

By incorporating EFI Colorproof XF into their HP Designjet Z6100 proofing operations, print service providers, 
prepress providers, publishers, creative agencies and photographers will be able to take advantage of Colorproof 
XF benefits designed to improve productivity and production flexibility, such as support for major file formats and 
JDF compliance. In addition EFI Colorproof XF offers HP Designjet Z6100 users optional RIP applications such as:

·         Spot-color proofing

·         ICC-based color management

·         Rasterization of continuous-tone data with out using an additional RIP

·         Production printing of banners and posters. 

Colorproof XF also supports the HP Designjet Z2100 and Z3100 printers.

RIPs that have achieved certified status carry the unique Certified for HP Designjet Z6100 designation. 
Certification tests for the HP Designjet Z6100 include print quality, productivity and other important characteristics 
of printer management and job handling. Certified RIPs also offer profiles for a range of HP media.

This certification program expands HP’s already extensive solution development program, which provides 
third-party software developers access to hardware, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and additional resources 
to assist in the creation of solutions compatible with HP large-format printers. 

Full details of the compatibility tests and the currently certified solutions can be found at

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