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Digital Imaging Group - 6/21/2007

Digital Imaging Group Releases New Dye Sub Ink Technology

Digital Imaging Group (DIG) announces the introduction of a new dye sublimation ink technology from Europe. 
DIG has exclusive distribution rights with the manufacturer, for North America, under the Rotech brand and has 
named the new ink set Rotech Ultra.  The sublimation  ink represents a new level of high speed ink printing 
technology , allowing for ink cost reduction, and trouble free high speed sublimation runability. 

Its significant features are ultra fast drying, increased color gamut, and the ability to run at lower resolutions 
providing greater thru put with out sacrificing image quality.

This new ink technology was developed to make the most efficient use of new high speed printers coming to 
market such as the Mimaki JV5.

Digital Imaging Group has immediate inventory available of Rotech Ultra for all large format printers such as 
Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh and Epson in cartridges and bulk ink bottles.

Ed Michaels, Vice President of Digital Imaging Group, and former CEO of US Sublimation says: "This new ink 
has all the qualities of the best selling sublimation inks plus a larger color space. Rotech Ultra is a non nozzle 
clogging formula, it dry’s incredibly fast, even on high release papers, and allows for fantastic results at lower 

Steve Bernstein, General Manager of Digital Imaging Group, and President of DigitalManiacs says: "I am 
amazed by the results we’ve achieved for both High and Low resolutions on paper and direct to fabric printing. 
We have been able to significantly increase production speeds, as well as greatly reduce ink usage. It is easy 
to use lower resolutions with lower ink limits while achieving high resolution results, because this ink is so 
forgiving at the increased speeds. I believe that with the increased production speeds and reduced ink limits 
some companies might cut their costs as much as forty percent."

The Rotech Brand is exclusively distributed by Digital Imaging Group in North America, and is licensed and 
approved by Sawgrass Technologies.

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