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EFI - 6/6/2007

EFI Fiery XF with New Color Rendering Technology Delivers Improved ROI for Superwide Print Providers

Foster City, CA - June 6, 2007 - EFI (Nasdaq: EFII), the world leader in color digital print servers, 
superwide format printers and inks, and print management solutions, today announced the new EFI® Fiery® XF 
RIP, version 3.1, supporting the full line of award-winning solvent and UV VUTEk® superwide format printers 
from EFI. The new Fiery XF 3.1 provides leading-edge technology for superwide format printing for production 
and proofing requirements, delivering high-speed processing, exceptional color quality and increased productivity. 
The Fiery XF software already offers exclusive connectivity to the EFI product portfolio. Fiery XF customers profit 
from current and future integration with other EFI products in terms of streamlining production workflows, thus
increasing productivity.  

For the first time, EFI Fiery XF 3.1 offers Clean Color and Full Gamut Technology for brilliant print results for both 
production and proofing purposes in a complete cross-platform application.  The new Clean Color feature directly 
addresses the production market’s specific needs for vivid, saturated color with pleasant modulation and clean 
appearance. Clean Color Technology provides both an exciting and eye-catching appearance in all image areas 
as well as highly precise and correct colors where they are needed, such as skin tones, grays and spot colors. 
The feature can be run in automatic or custom mode and can even be switched off completely. Fiery XF’s color 
management also offers a Full Gamut profile, exploiting the maximum color gamut of printing equipment. Primary
colors are reproduced perfectly and color rendering is not limited by profiles. Based on EFI’s Bestcolor 
Technology and its Clean Color capability, Fiery XF version 3.1 delivers the perfect combination of correct 
color reproduction and color optimization.

Additionally, Fiery XF 3.1 serves a wider range of printing establishments with the new XF Server on Macintosh® 
OS X, providing a complete cross-platform application for Windows® and Mac environments. Fiery XF 3.1 
eliminates the need to change to a mixed environment and reduces training time associated with learning new 

To maximize productivity, Fiery XF 3.1 also includes: 

Font Checker to detect missing fonts and thus prevent type mismatches; 
Monitor Profile Selection tool, turning every client workstation with a calibrated and profiled monitor into a soft 
proofing device; 
Pre-defined Workflows to simplify set-up and reduce set-up time; 
Advanced Back-up and Restore mode to save reference, monitor profiles and the server configuration to enable 
quick restoration of the system if needed. 
EFI Fiery XF software’s modular structure offers an easy migration path to increased functionality. Users can 
add the Color Verifier Option to ensure consistent color quality even on remote sites or use the EFI Fiery XF 
software to connect xerographic devices for concept proofs or digital print runs. 

EFI Fiery XF will also be the pathway for integrating EFI’s industry-leading Print MIS solution and Web-to-Print 
products into superwide format operations in the future.

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