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Fujifilm - 4/24/2007

NEXPO 2007: FujiFilm Providing Technology, Solutions, Support for Newspaper Publishers

Valhalla, N.Y. (April 21, 2007) – From prepress to the pressroom ; and every step in between ; FUJIFILM 
Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc. provides publishers with technology, solutions and support designed specifically 
for the newspaper environment. FUJIFILM will display a number of these solutions during NEXPO 2007, taking 
place on April 21-24 at Orlando's Orange County Convention Center. 

"We're continuously working to create better and more efficient solutions, as well as provide in-depth expertise 
and support, for our newspaper customers," says Lane Palmer, FUJIFILM's vice president for newspaper sales. 
"They rely on us to help them streamline their workflows and manage their costs all while ensuring optimum quality. 
We take that job very seriously."

FUJIFILM has partnered with a number of manufacturers to create turnkey solutions for newspapers of all sizes. 
During this year's NEXPO, FUJIFILM will demonstrate the Krause LS-Jet 300 platesetter, capable of output 
speeds up to 300 plates per hour. Aimed at newspaper publishers requiring a high volume of throughput, the LS
-Jet 300 is part of a family of CTP devices, all upgradeable for enhanced productivity. The Krause LS-Jet 300 
also features a smaller footprint and left or right operation, making it an easy addition in any prepress environment. 

For small to mid-size publishers, FUJIFILM will also demonstrate the NEWSmatic platesetter from ECRM. The 
NEWSmatic also appeals to larger newspapers, where multiple plate lines are commonly used to achieve higher 
productivity or to serve as a back-up device. It provides a very fast change between imaging formats, from a 
single tabloid page to a double broadsheet, which can be important in environments with more than one press. 

Unlike other manufacturers who supply commercial printing plates to newspaper, FUJIFILM has designed its 
plates to produce the best possible performance on newspaper presses. Printing newspapers puts heavy 
demands on plates and FUJIFILM's research and development team has created a range of plates; 
including violet, green and conventional plates – to fit our customer's needs. FUJIFILM will preview its 
full line of plates (Brillia LP-NNV, LP-NN2 and FNE) during the show. 

Also on display will be FUJIFILM's C-Fit, an image and color optimization tool that automatically enhances both 
the quality and the color of digital images. With the increased use of digital photos in the newspaper industry, 
publishers will benefit from C-Fit's ability to make them more manageable and easier to print.

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