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NuSign Supply, Inc. - 4/15/2007

102-Inch D-Gen Teleios Direct Textile Printer with Built-in Fixation Unit

NuSign Supply, Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of the 102-inch D-Gen Teleios. The first units will be 
installed in the United States and Canada in February. 

Great for a number of applications including tablecloths, displays, and backdrops, the 102-inch Teleios stand 
out among direct textile printers because it produces high-quality (up to 1440 dpi) graphics on fabric up to 102 
inches wide. Proprietary technology ensures bright, saturated colors on both sides of the fabric.

The D-Gen Teleios saves time, labor, space, and money by allowing unattended synchronized printing and 
fixation of polyester fabric.  The Teleios’ patented synchronized cylinder media feeding system and built-in heat 
fixation unit managed by integrated controller are unique advancements in technology. Because of the machine's 
ability to print directly on fabrics and its built-in heat fixation unit, there is no need to buy transfer paper or a 
separate heat-transfer machine. Available in 4-color or 6-color configurations, the 6-color 102-inch Teleios prints 
directly to polyester fabric at speeds up to 205 sq. ft per hour. A built-in bulk ink system and Fume Buster filtration 
system are included with the Teleios printer.

For additional information please visit or call 1-877-6NU-SIGN.

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