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IJ Technologies - 3/29/2007

IJ Technologies Manufactures New Canvas Product

St. Louis, MO. IJ Technologies® announces the introduction of its newest and most exciting new fine art Giclee 
canvas: Black Diamond Gloss. Black Diamond coating is rapid dry, water resistant and is specifically designed to 
provide a high gloss finish right out of the printer. With IJ Technologies® proprietary gesso process and Black 
Diamond ink receptive coating extreme D-max tones can be achieved without de-saturating specular highlights. 
An extremely wide color gamut is possible with OEM pigment ink sets with IJ Technologies® new polymer 
technology. Black Diamond coating dries quickly for high volume Giclee printing. Black Diamond coating 
contains no optical brighteners. Perfectly suited for the Fine Art / Giclee and Photographic industries this product 
will give printers the high gloss look that they have been asking for in a water resistant coating.

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